1225 Christmas Tree Lane by Debbie Macomber

1225 Christmas Tree Lane


Debbie Macomber


1225 Christmas Tree Lane by Debbie Macomber,  Beth Morehouse was the owner of a Christmas Tree Farm.   Beth was waiting for her two daughters to arrive.  She had asked her foreman to pick them up from the airport.  The girls were very happy to see their mother.  Beth tells the girls about the puppies that were dropped off on her door step.   She opens the door to the laundry room and all ten of the puppies came running out.  Bailey and Sophie helped corral the puppies and spent some time with them. She had given out the word that she wanted to find home for all of them.

Beth had to get back to work with the Christmas Tree Farm.  Bruce Peyton and his daughter, Jolene, just got back from picking a tree and his very pregnant wife Rachel waited while Jeff went and chopped down the tree.  Beth then offered them a puppy, Jolene begged her father and with Rachel’s help they decided to take a puppy.  Jolene chose the name Poppy for her female puppy. After they left with tree and puppy in hand Beth said under her breath one down and nine to go.

Bailey and Sophie had also told her that her ex-husband wanted to come and celebrate Christmas with them.  This surprised her but she had agreed to it.  Kent was to arrive some time the following day.  Slowly she was finding homes for the puppies.

Grace Harding’s Home;

Grace Harding was a friend of Beth’s  and had called to ask for a small tree for the hotel room since the Ian Randall family was back in town soon and she wanted a small tree for them as a gift.  They were coming to visit Grace and Cliff.  Cecilia had said that Ian was being transferred back to Bremerton and would be in the shipyard instead of the aircraft carrier.  Cliff was getting the pony ready for the Randall kids to ride.  Judge Olivia Griffin was stopping by too.  Grace’s friend Olivia arrived and she told her about the Randall family coming for a visit.

The Randall’s arrived before Olivia left and she was able to visit with Cecilia before she left.  Ian and the kids were busy with the pony and Cecilia came in by herself.  Olivia left and then Cecilia visited with Grace.  Ian came in and they discussed their wanting to buy Grace’s house on Rosewood Lane.  Grace was surprised by the request but she asked for a few days to think it over.   Grace also suggested getting one of the puppies for Aaron and Mia.

Beth was surprised when Kent arrived with a date but, not as shocked as the girls, Bailey and Sophie.

1225 Christmas Tree Lane by Debbie Macomber, Debbie has written a wonderful Christmas story.  Get a copy for yourself and see why the girl’s were so shocked.  Does Beth find homes for all the puppies?  Does Grace sell the house on Rosewood Lane to the Randall’s family? Do the Morehouse girl’s get their Christmas wish? Thank you  (c) Erma Friesen 2020.

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