Sit, Stay, Slay by V.M. Burns

Sit, Stay, Slay by V.M. Burns,  When her best friend Dixie is suspected of killing a dog show judge, Lilly must bring one sick puppy to heel . . . Sit, Stay, Slay by V.M. Burns, Tennessee transplant Lilly Echosby has two great loves: dogs and mysteries. So naturally, she’s named her poodles Aggie, after Agatha Christie, and Rex, for Rex Stout...

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Silenced by Solveig Palsdottir

Thriller Novel
Silenced by Solveig Palsdottir front cover

Silenced by Solveif Palsdottir,  Translated by Quentin Bates — Corylus Books was set up a year or two ago with the aim of publishing crime novels that might not normally make it into English translation, and Silenced by Solveig Palsdottir is the company’s third release, following Solveig’s earlier novel The Fox, and Sword by Bogdan Teodorescu...

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