A Good Woman A Novel By Danielle Steel

A Good Woman  A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Annabelle Worthington sat quietly reading in the library of her parents  home on the morning of April 14, 1912.  Everything looked in order, it was a lovely spring day and the gardeners had planted beautiful flowers for the return of her parents and older brother.  She would have been with them but having become sick before it was time to leave the Doctor had recommended she stay at home. She had insisted that her mother not miss the trip that had been planned for so long.

She woke up the following morning, put on her house coat and went down for breakfast.  The staff quickly folded the newspaper but she could tell something was wrong.  When she was given the newspaper the headline read that the Titanic had sunk during the night.  She sprang into action and told the staff to have her father’s driver bring the car around.  Running up the stairs to get dressed in order to meet the driver she had him take her to the White Star Line’s office’s.

Annabelle was battling sheer terror and could feel her eyes well up with tears as she read more of the newspapers accounts.  Her driver helped her through the crowd of people waiting for news of the survivors.  She asked the clerk for a list of the survivors and looking at the list saw her mothers name, but her father and brother were not on the list.  She waited in the car till hearing that the survivors list was now complete, but her father and brother were not on the list.

Annabelle was told when to expect the arrival of her mother on the Carpathia.  Her best friend, Hortense came for a visit and spent the night with Annabelle who spent the night crying and holding hands with Hortie.  The day that Consuelo was to come home Annabelle and the driver drove to where the ship would dock.  She waited till she could see her mother come off the ship. They were both crying and Annabelle went and put her arms around her mother.

A Good Woman  A Novel By Danielle Steel is quite a story and one you will enjoy reading.  I hope I have peeked your interest enough for you to buy a copy from Amazon or your nearest thrift store that sells books.  Erma Friesen

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