A Mrs. Miracle Christmas by Debbie Macomber


A Mrs. Miracle Christmas

by Debbie Macomber



A Mrs. Miracle Christmas by Debbie Macomber, Laurel came home to a concerning site of two police cruisers in the driveway and her grandmother clearly distressed and looking around. She stopped the car and ran to see what was going on. The officer explained that she had reported her ten year old granddaughter hadn’t returned from school.  Laurel thanked the officer’s and took her in and sat her in a comfortable chair and made them each a cup of tea. Helen explained how embarrassed she felt.

“It’s over. I’m home now, and everything is okay.”  Laurel realized that they would have to do something since things were happening more often.  The next morning Laurel took the number with her so she could contact them privately.  When she called the agency they didn’t have anyone available until the new year.  That evening Mrs. Miracle showed up at their doorstep.

Laurel’s brain was going a mile a minute trying to figure out the best way to deal with this situation.  The week before Helen had lost her way home in her own neighborhood.  Helen said to her that she was praying  for her.  Laurel knew her nana was a prayer warrior.  Laurel wanted to believe God answered prayers but, she had given up all hope.  Everything she had done to bring a child into their family had turned into a dead end.  She couldn’t hold onto a dream that ended in pain each time.  She had tried to stay positive, but it seemed a baby wasn’t ever going to happen for her family.

Helen gripped hold of Laurel’s hand and said, “God has a baby for you. I feel it in my heart, Laurel. Don’t give up hope.”  Laurel finds out eventually that Zach has asked the adoption agency to keep their name on the list even thou Laurel didn’t want it. Mrs. Miracle, on the other hand was a god sent adult nanny but they did find that Helen spoke about angels a lot.  Mrs. Miracle spoke about her best friends called Shirley, Goodness and Mercy.

The rest of the story is interesting as Shirley, Goodness and Mercy help out their friend with dropping in particularly Mercy when she sells Zach a bunch of baby clothes that are out of season.  After his confession to Laurel he try’s to take them back but they refuse to take them back.  Laurel kicks Zach because she believes he secretly want a child of his own and she can not give him one.  Laurel is working on the Christmas concert at the school where she works teaching the grade one’s.  After the concert a student from her last year teaching runs up to her and tells her she will be a great mother.  Zach shows up for the concert as promised and they go for coffee and he tells Laurel that he doesn’t want a child with anyone else but her even if they don’t have any children.

They all go to the Churches Christmas eve service, meanwhile his cell phone keeps ringing and when he sees it’s the adoption agency calling he keeps ignores it.  After the service he finally takes the call and they find out that they have been selected by a teenage mother to-be and they are wanted at the hospital immediately.

A Mrs. Miracle Christmas by Debbie Macomber, you’ll have to read the story to find out the sex of the baby.  I hope you enjoy a wonderful Christmas story by Debbie Macomber.  Thank you  (c) Erma Friesen  2020

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