A Perfect Live by Danielle Steel

Congressman Patrick Olden, a good friend of Blaise, was scheduled to speak in one of the auditorium’s at UCLA it was estimated that there would be over two thousand students there.  After his speach his first question was from a young man and it pertained to gun control.  All at once the young man pulled out a gun and shot the congressman in the chest and second one in the neck.  The young man kept shooting and finally turned it on himself and died.

Blaise was married for a period of five years to her daughters father.  After that she had a number of affairs with different men but she was also very busy flying to countries and interviewing many professional people.  On one occassion her assistant told her they were getting a new boss.  Also she was told about Susie Quentin, who had joinned them at the station and was competing for her job.

During this time she received a call from her daughter named Salima and it was involving the death of her caregiver. Eric the Headmaster of the school where Salima lived told Blaise the the school was closing the day after the death of Abby who died of meningitis.  The health board had told them to close for sixty to ninety days until they knew if anyone else would have gotten meningitis.  When Blaise went to see Eric about one of the monitor for Salima she got some more bad news.  The only monitor they had for Salima was a man.  Blaise was upset, who could give her a bath? Salima was use to a female monitor.  Blaise told Eric that she wasn’t at home very much so she couldn’t suppervise Salima for her bath.  They stayed for Abby’s funeral and the next day after loading up the car with Salima’s suitcases and Simon Ward with his things they drove to New York.

Simon started working with Salima the day after they arrived by helping put her things in the closet.  Everything was color coded so she would know what she wanted each and every day.  He then took her shopping.  They went to a music store and purchased some music.  They went shopping for groceries.  After that he cooked up a meal for them. Blaise also had a piano in the living room.  Simon started to play piano and all of a sudden Salima was singing again.  It came as a surprise to Blaise that Salima wanted to take music lessons but she had her assistant check for a music teacher. They finally chose Lucianna for her training.

It took a while but both Blasie and Salima came to like Simon after a few battles no less.  The story goes on, Blaise takes a number of trips and Simon cooks for them.  He also applies to a number of schools for the handicapped people.  Salima decides with the help of her music instructor to apply at Juilliard.

Well, does Simon stay with them or find his own way with a new job? Does Salima get into Juilliard?  That leaves Blaise what does she do?  Does Susie take over her job? I encourage you to get the book and find out.  There are still many events in the lives of Blaise, Salima and Simon.

A Perfect Life by Danielle Steel is an adventure to read.  Sometimes you want to cry and other times you want to laugh. How does Danielle Steel draw that out of you in this story? Enjoy! Thank you (c) Erma Friesen 2020

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