My name is Erma Friesen, and am an avid reader of books for the love mystery and intrigue. Though my wish didn’t lead me to University,  going to College for a while didn’t give me the right kind of knowledge. Then my interest went to Personal Development.

Books kept me going though.  Guess I’m just a romantic at heart and, couldn’t seem to get enough of it.  Thrift stores were a good place to pick up any kind of books you may want.  Finally came to the realization that maybe there were others who had a love for books as well.

As a young girl Harlequin Romance and Grace Livingston Hill books were my choice.  Then graduated to books like Francena H. Arnold, Debbie MaComber and to name a couple.  The love of mystery and intrigue was reasons my search lead me to Danielle Steel and Nora Roberts.

No one does reviews on these books like my website.  Telling the stories in a way that mystifies and intrigues the future readers leaves them hanging wanting more of the book in question.

These books are sold at Amazon and Walmart.  We are working to find other locations that sell these books.  Hope you have enjoyed the story of my love of books.