Against All Odds A Novel By Danielle Steel

Against All Odds A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Kate Madison’s resale shop in stylish SoHo supported her family of four kids since the untimely death of her husband.  The kids are grown up now and ready to live their own lives.  Kate realized that you can’t play against all odds.  Kate discusses her family issues with her mother and a good friend Liam or is he more then just a good friend after his wife is killed by a drunk driver.

Isabelle, an attorney, in line to become partner at her firm falls for a client she represents.  She gets married to Zach against her mothers wishes.

Julie, a designer meets someone too good to be true.  Is it a marriage made in heaven or is it all it seems?  Her twin, Justin knows something is wrong. She asks her twin to help her escape her marriage.

Justin, a writer who pushes to have children but his partner isn’t too sure.  Will their relationship take the strain?  They got a surrogate for their baby who they named Milagra.  Justin wanted to try again and it turned out to be twins.  Richard got caught in bed with another man but he finally came to his senses.

Willie, an expert in the tech industry, shocks them all by his choice of relationship with a woman twelve years his senior and two children. He asks if he can invite Zoe and the children for Christmas.

Can you beat the odds?  Not so often as you might think.  Kate’s family has to find out on their own.  She also has a hard lesson to learn and that is you can’t keep your loved ones from harm, just love them as they make those mistakes.

Against All Odds A Novel By Danielle Steel  Is your interest peaked?  You may purchase this book at Amazon.  Brought to you by Erma Friesen.

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