Blue by Danielle Steel

Blue by Danielle Steel  Ginny Carter was traveling from Luena to Malanje in Angola.  She had been there on a SOS Human Rights assignment.  She spent any where from 2 months until 3 months on any assignment occasionally longer. She went in as part of a team that was there to ascertain if human right were being violated or questioned.  They were also there to supply food, water, medicine and shelter.  She had been doing these assignments for 3 and a half years.  She was arriving home on December the 22nd after a 27 hours traveling.

Ginny had wanted to be back on assignment already but now she had to spend the holidays at home.  No matter how hard the work or rugged the conditions the better she liked it.  She was tired and worn out when she arrived in New York.  All she had was a small battered suitcase and a back pack with all her possessions. She decided to spoil herself and walking to the curb she hailed a taxi to take her home.

When she walked into her apartment everything was the way it should be.  She sat down on her couch which had seen better days but then her cell phone rang and it was Becky, her sister calling.  They chatted for a bit and then she went for a shower and to bed.

The next day she took a walk and at the bridge she contemplated jumping to get rid of the pain.  Out of the corner of her eye she saw someone go into the utility shed.  She went to check on the person in the shed.  She took the young boy and fed him and give him more for later.  She found out his name was Blue Williams.  He told her that his mama named him Blue because of the color of his eyes.  She forgot all about jumping off the bridge.  They met for breakfast the next morning.  That evening she went to feed the homeless and when she got home she walked to the shed and got Blue to come home with her to sleep on her couch.

The next day when Blue was taking a shower she called her sister to wish them Merry Christmas and told them about her new friend.  When they found out he was a homeless boy they told her to get him out of her apartment because he was going to kill her.  She told them that “no” he was not going to kill her because he was a sweet kid.  She knew when her next assignment came up that he would though have to go to a shelter.  She also wanted him to go back to school.  He didn’t believe she would come back from her assignment.  But she got him into a school and shelter while she was away.  Because she was not his guardian she had to contact his aunt to sign the papers.  She took him to look at the shelter she had picked for him.  He had walked away and all of a sudden they heard classical music being played.  They looked around and found out it was Blue playing the piano.

When she gets to her assignment, it is rough and on the last trip up the mountain the young lad beside her was shot and killed.  It was arranged that the women would go home immediately.  When she got home Blue was no longer going to school and not living in the shelter.  She spent a number of days finding him, but she did find him.  They were glad to see each other.  She had plans of getting him into LaGuardia Arts High School but first she had to get him back into school to finish eighth grade.

One day they were walking together and Blue told her why he hated priests. He was molested by Father Teddy.  She needed advise so she called a friend by the name of  Kevin Callaghan who they had worked with before the accident happened that almost took her life and the lives of her husband and three year old son.

Well, will Blue have Father Teddy charged?  Does Ginny continue putting her life in danger?  Will Ginny get Blue into LaGuardia Arts High School?  Does Ginny find love again?  Does Ginny and Blues relationship change? And in what ways?

Blue by Danielle Steel, An adventure into what SOS/Human Rights look like in different countries. And the love of a woman and a homeless boy.  The love and disagreements of sisters. Thank you (c) Erma Friesen 2020

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