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I am an avid reader and I’ve been thinking of doing a book review for some time now. Given the opportunity I went for it, this is Erma’s Book Extravaganza. The only reviews I have seen are in the papers and magazines from professionals.  I felt that someone else’s opinion might be worth while.  Here you will find reviews coming from a regular person’s opinion.  Please request my review on any books.

I am currently reading “Dotcom Secrets” By Russell Brunson.   I am finding it quite interesting, it is an easy read with drawn pictures for illustration.  I have never seen a book foreword start with the following:”What the ‘Online Marketing Wizard Fraternity’ Doesn’t Want You To Know (and: Is This Book A ‘Fraud’?)” foreword by Dan S. Kennedy.  The book talks about thirteen secrets to making funnels for any business.  His first secret is a formula that consists of  four questions. The first question is “Who is your dream client?” and within that question is another question ‘Who do I actually want to work with them?’  Now going to Section Four is all about ‘Funnels and Scripts’.  Now I have not reached that section but I believe that is where he tie’s it all together with seven different Funnel’s.  Over all it’s a well written book if the first two sections are an indication of the last two sections.

I encourage you to leave your comments and your name with your email address.  Any book suggestions  would be wonderful too. I hope you enjoyed ‘Erma’s Book Extravaganza.

I’d like to dedicate my first blog review to my sister-in-law, Barbara Ruth Penelope(Penny) Friesen, who passed away April 4th, 2019, We will miss her dearly and I would also dedicate this blog to my brother, Tom E. Friesen, who passed away April 12, 2019, he will be missed by the family.  Thank you.

by Erma Friesen

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