Cake Popped Off by Kim Davis

Cake Popped Off (Cupcake Catering Mystery Series)
by Kim Davis

About Cake Popped Off

Cake Popped Off (Cupcake Catering Mystery Series)

Cupcake caterer Emory Martinez is hosting a Halloween bash alongside her octogenarian employer, Tillie. With guests dressed in elaborate costumes, the band is rocking, the cocktails are flowing, and tempers are flaring when the hired Bavarian Barmaid tries to hook a rich, hapless husband. Except one of her targets happens to be Emory’s brother-in-law, which bodes ill for his pregnant wife. When Emory tracks down the distraught barmaid, instead of finding the young woman in tears, she finds her dead. Can she explain to the new detective on the scene why the Bavarian Barmaid was murdered in Emory’s bathtub with Emory’s Poison Apple Cake Pops stuffed into her mouth?

With an angry pregnant sister to contend with, she promises to clear her brother-in-law’s name. As Emory starts asking questions and tracking down the identity of the costumed guests, she finds reasons to suspect her brother-in-law has been hiding a guilty secret. Her search leads her to a web of blackmail and betrayal amongst the posh setting of the local country club crowd. Can Emory sift through the lies she’s being told and find the killer? She’ll need to step up her investigation before another victim is sent to the great pumpkin patch in the sky.

Includes spooky Halloween recipes!

Dollycas’s Thoughts

What a fabulous story!

Emory Martinez and her loveable Goldendoodle Piper are settling in with Tillie and they are throwing a Halloween party with Emory providing cupcakes and cake pops while her sister Carrie caters all the rest of the food. The party is rocking until a server dressed as a Bavarian Barmaid starts hitting on many of the wealthy men in attendance. She even sets her sights on Emory’s brother-in-law, Thomas. Confused, Emory thought the bartender and the barmaid were an item. Emory decides to cool tempers she needs to talk to the woman but when she tracks her down she is dead in Emory’s own bathtub. Worse she has a Poison Apple Cake Pops, made by Emory, stuffed in her mouth.

The victim and her little tete-a-tete with Thomas was witnessed by many so he has landed at the top of the suspect list. Carrie begs Emory to investigate and some secrets are revealed. More suspects come to light but Thomas is not immediately cleared. Hang on tight, the twists are epic!

I absolutely love Tillie, in her 80’s and still going strong, even though her family doesn’t think so. They think she is suffering from dementia and belongs in a senior home, leaving them to manage her fortune and inherit it when she dies. Enter Emory to keep an eye on her. Emory quickly learns Tillie is fine and dandy, with more energy and ideas than a woman half her age.

Then Tillie’s son surprises everyone by introducing his new wife. His fourth! after losing his last wife in a tragic accident. The new wife proceeds to change the entire family dynamic by taking charge of everything she can. Thankfully Emory and Tillie have built a bond that can’t be broken, and shockingly the new wife’s days are numbered.

We also meet Detective Gabe O’Neill. Gabe just happens to be Emory’s BFF Brad’s significant other but she doubts that is going to help clear Thomas’s name.   All the characters Ms. Davis has created are strong. Some are very engaging, others bring the drama.

The plot of this mystery is complex and twisted. Emory and Tillie make a great sleuthing team, especially with all of Tillie’s social circle. The subplots blend seamlessly and believe me these are not just daily life interludes, they have some intense moments too. I really enjoyed following along but let me tell you when the killer was revealed the word surprised doesn’t cover it! Blown away! Astonished! Thunderstruck! And this is not the first time Kim Davis has done this to me!  Dang!  she is an incredible storyteller!!

In addition to a marvelous mystery, the story is filled with cupcakes. Emory is always baking and testing new flavor combinations. Some savory dishes are included too. My mouth was watering from the descriptions and I will be copying all the recipes at the back of the book.

Long story short, I am shouting from the rooftops! This Is A Must-Read Mystery! Fun, entertaining, and oh-so-wonderful. If you haven’t read Sprinkles of Suspicion start with that one, because series are always better from the beginning, but it is also a great whodunit. Cake Popped Off will be on my Best Reads of 2020. I am excited to see what the author has in store for her characters next.

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About Kim Davis

Kim Davis lives in Southern California with her husband. When she’s not spending time with her granddaughters she can be found either writing stories or working on her blog, Cinnamon, Sugar, and a Little Bit of Murder, or in the kitchen baking up yummy treats.  She has published the suspense novel, A GAME OF DECEIT, and cozy mystery, SPRINKLES OF SUSPICION. She also has had several children’s articles published in Cricket, Nature Friend, Skipping Stones, and the Seed of Truth magazines. Kim Davis is a member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.


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