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Friends Forever by Danielle Steel

Friday, August 14, 2020 FictionNovel  No comments

Friends Forever by Danielle Steel,  “Theirs is a heart wrenching, ultimately triumphant story that spans decades, weaves together a vivid casts of characters, and captures the challenges we face in life—sometimes, if we’re lucky,  with a friend forever by our side.

This is a story about five friends forever they include Gabby, Billy, Izzie, Sean and Andy.  They met in kindergarten and stayed friends until there was only two left to carry on the friendship that started so many decades ago.  They were inseparable.  The girls would go to new teachers and tell them they were sisters.  The boys would go and say they were triplets.  Some believed them others didn’t.

Billy was a big athletic young boy and was wanting to play football...

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Demons Do It Better by Louisa Masters

Thursday, August 6, 2020 FictionNovel

Five years ago, Sam Tiller made the best decision of his life … and the worst. Leaving behind a boring 9-to-5 job full of people he hated, Sam took a position that promised adventure and excitement, two things sorely missing from his life. The Community of Species Government (CSG) is certainly exciting. Sam learned about the existence of shifters and vampires, incubi, sorcerers, demons, and so many other creatures he’d never known existed. Now he works with them, is friends with them, and even likes some of them, like his best friend Alistair, who just so happens to be a hellhound.

The worst decision, though? That was when Sam picked up Gideon, a giant, muscular, gorgeous man, from the bar to celebrate the new job and ended up falling for him only to find out that A) Gideon’s a demon...

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The Cast by Danielle Steel

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 FictionNovel  No comments

The Cast  by Danielle Steel,  Kait Whittier ignored the christmas party going on in the other room outside her office.  She wanted her column in, “Ask Kait”,  before she left. When she first started there they called her piece the “agony column” but when they realized the following she was getting plus she got her master’s in psychology at NYU they saw that they had a goldmine with her column.

Kait had a lot to do before two of her children and grandchildren came for the holidays, even thou they didn’t stay long, it was good to see them.  Her first stop was to buy a tree, some branches and a wreath.  She walked the rest of the way to her apartment and got ready for the tree to arrive...

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Coming Out by Danielle Steel

Saturday, August 1, 2020 FictionNovel  No comments

Coming Out  by Danielle Steel  The mother of twins got the invitation for the girls to be a part of Coming Out which is the right of young ladies of the age eighteen.  In the old days it was the mark of maturity and they were then looking for a mate.  This is the tale of Virginia and Veronica in Coming Out.

Olympia was running around getting lunch for her young son of five years.  When she heard the mail being pushed through the slot in the door  she grabbed the mail and the doorbell went at the same time so Olympia went out to meet him at the door.

While Max eat his lunch she went through the mail.  There was one envelop that looked like a wedding invite instead it was an invitation to a ball.  It was called the Arches and it was a very elite debutante cotillion...

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Blue by Danielle Steel

Monday, July 27, 2020 FictionNovel  No comments

Blue by Danielle Steel  Ginny Carter was traveling from Luena to Malanje in Angola.  She had been there on a SOS Human Rights assignment.  She spent any where from 2 months until 3 months on any assignment occasionally longer. She went in as part of a team that was there to ascertain if human right were being violated or questioned.  They were also there to supply food, water, medicine and shelter.  She had been doing these assignments for 3 and a half years.  She was arriving home on December the 22nd after a 27 hours traveling.

Ginny had wanted to be back on assignment already but now she had to spend the holidays at home.  No matter how hard the work or rugged the conditions the better she liked it.  She was tired and worn out when she arrived in New York...

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Clashing Hearts by Nicky James

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 FictionNovel

Easton Campbell loves the farm and the land he grew up on. There is no place else he wants to live, but the farm isn’t doing well, and Easton fears it will just be a matter a time before he loses his home. However, if Easton is forced to sell, it won’t be to Lachlan Montgomery and his big city ideas and money. If only Easton could have known who Lachlan was before he kissed him.

Lachlan likes living in the city and he likes his money and his expensive clothes. He has no interest in driving hours to the country, but when his father, who is also his boss, says jump, Lachlan jumps. Lachlan has no choice but to make this deal and get Easton to sell, but Lachlan didn’t count on how stubborn Easton would be and also how hot he looks in his jeans and cowboy boots...

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A Perfect Live by Danielle Steel

Saturday, July 11, 2020 Novel  No comments

Congressman Patrick Olden, a good friend of Blaise, was scheduled to speak in one of the auditorium’s at UCLA it was estimated that there would be over two thousand students there.  After his speach his first question was from a young man and it pertained to gun control.  All at once the young man pulled out a gun and shot the congressman in the chest and second one in the neck.  The young man kept shooting and finally turned it on himself and died.

Blaise was married for a period of five years to her daughters father.  After that she had a number of affairs with different men but she was also very busy flying to countries and interviewing many professional people.  On one occassion her assistant told her they were getting a new boss...

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The Right Time a Novel by Danielle Steel

Thursday, July 9, 2020 Novel  No comments

The Right Time  a Novel by Danielle Steel,   Alexandra Cortez Winslow had long black hair, creamy skin and large green eyes which she kept squeezed shut as her parents argued.  It was that way after her mother got bored and she wanted to leave.  When she left they never knew when she was coming home again.  Alex, as she was called by her father,  was her constant care giver, always sent her to her room when there was going to be an arguement between her parents.

The time she spent with her father was near and dear to her heart.  She loved the stories he would read to her.  He started her off with books like Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie, Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot . Which I read as  well.  The older she got the more she would get into thrillers...

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Anna a Novel by Laura Guthrie

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 FictionNovel  No comments

About The Book

ANNA  a Novel by Laura Guthrie.  Every cloud has a silver lining… doesn’t it? Anna is thirteen years old, lives in London with her father, and has Asperger’s syndrome.  When her father dies, she moves to Scotland to live with her estranged, reclusive mother.  With little support to help her  in, she must use every coping strategy her father taught her—especially her ‘Happy Game’—as she tries to connect with her mother, discover her past, and deal with the challenges of being thrown into a brand new life along the way.

My Thoughts

This is a bitter sweet story, full of rainbows and sometimes rain, but always in a positive way to remember us that no matter how many stones we find in our path, there’s always a way to skip them...

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The Apartment A Novel By Danielle Steel

Monday, June 22, 2020 Novel  No comments

The Apartment  a Novel by Danielle Steel.  Claire Kelly, Abby Williams, and five years later, Morgan Shelby, Sasha Hartman, join them and became sister’s in an apartment loft in Hell’s Kitchen.  Claire is a shoe designer, Abby is a writer, Morgan is in finance, Sasha is a Doctor and Valentina is a headliner supermodel and drops by to see her identical twin, Sasha.

Claire’s boss was Arthur Adams and he was ultraconservative which stymied her creative sense. His father had started their business  and he lived by the saying “don’t fix what’s not broken.” He also believed high-fashion shoes was a passing trend.  He therefore discarded all her innovative designs, which left Claire frustrated to say the least.

Abby on the other hand was under the spell of Ivan who had her painting backgroun...

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