IMPossible by Danielle Steel



Danielle Steel

IMPossible by Danielle Steel,  Sasha was the only child of Simon and Marjorie de Suvery.  Simon was a daunting figure, tall, powerful build, stern features and dark eyes that could pierce to your soul.  Sasha was an interesting blend of her parents.  Her father’s dark looks and her mother’s ethereal softness...

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Archangel’s Sun by Nalini Singh

In Archangel’s War, the last book in your Guild Hunter series, Illium’s father, the archangel Aegaeon, awoke from Sleeping. His return caused a seismic shift in Illium’s mother, Sharine, otherwise known as the Hummingbird...

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Mixed Blessings by Danielle Steel

Mixed Blessings by Danielle Steel

Mixed Blessings by Danielle Steel,  three couples are looking for children.  Diana Goode comes out of the limousine looking like a beautiful bride.  She is in a competition with her sisters even though they don’t realize it.  She always felt that she had to do better than her sisters...

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On the Radar: Jack is back

Although the sound of Santa’s sleigh is still well off in the distance, when November comes you can usually start to see how things will shape up in terms of the crime Christmas bookshelf. For example, Lee Child fans will be singing a jingle next week when the new Jack Reacher novel hits the shelves – it’ll make an ideal gift for crime fiction lovers everywhere...

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Zoya by Danielle Steel

Zoya  by  Danielle Steel

Zoya  by  Danielle Steel, an epic story of life, loss and everlasting love.  The story starts with Zoya, at the age of seventeen, riding in a troika with a family servant, Feodor, forced the shining black horses on with a whip.  She had just come from her ballet lesson and heading toward her cousins home in the Tsarskoe Selo...

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Winners by Danielle Steel

Winners by Danielle Steel

Winners by Danielle Steel, Lily Thomas woke up when the alarm went off.  She didn’t want to miss skiing with her favorite instructor, Jason Yee.  Looking out to see what was happening she didn’t thing they would get more than a couple of runs in...

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Daddy by Danielle Steel

Daddy by Danielle Steel

Daddy by Danielle Steel,  Sarah Watson sat and looked out the window watching snow fall since nothing was wanting to turn into a story.  Oliver had tried to encourage her in the writing that she wanted to do.   But nothing turned into a good story.

She thought back to when Benjamin was born...

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Precious Gifts by Danielle Steel

Precious Gifts by Danielle Steel

Precious Gifts by Danielle Steel,  Timmie Parker was a social worker in New York, Juliette was a baker in her own business, Joy was working on an acting career.  The girls had a half-brother from their father’s side.  Bertie was after any money he could lay his hands on...

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The Ranch by Danielle Steel

The Ranch by Danielle Steel,  Mary Stuart, Tanya and Zoe were inseparable in college but in the twenty plus years that followed, they moved on in their lives.  One summer they found themselves alone, wrestling with the present and the past.  At a ranch in Wyoming, they come together and find courage, healing and truth.

Mary Stuart after twenty-one year’...

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The Wedding by Danielle Steel

The Wedding by Danielle Steel

The Wedding by Danielle Steel,  Allegra Steinberg an Entertainment Lawyer was stuck in traffic on her way home. She turned on the radio and heard a song by one of her clients, Bram Morrison.    She was constantly called by her clients but she had managed to finally get out of the office...

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Remembrance by Danielle Steel

Remembrance by Danielle Steel,  Serena di San Tibaldo is on her way to Italy. Her eyes “looked like icy cold green pools of very fine emeralds, incredibly beautiful, but with very little warmth.” The doors of her soul were closed.  As she traveled on the train her thoughts took her to the last time she saw her grandmother...

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All Stirred Up: by Brianne Moore

Inspired by Jane Austen’s Persuasion. She returned to save her family’s dying legacy–but found the ghosts of her past alive and well.

Susan Napier’s family once lived on the success of the high-end restaurants founded by her late grandfather. But bad luck and worse management has brought the business to the edge of financial ruin...

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Palomino by Danielle Steel

Palomino by Danielle Steel, Samantha Taylor, known as Sam, is set to become the Creative Director of the firm she works for when Harvey Maxwell retires.  One day when she comes home she finds her husband, John; packing his clothes in a suitcase and he tells her he’s leaving her for his co-host on the network he works at...

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Matters of the Heart by Danielle Steel

Matters of the Heart by Danielle Steel   Hope Dunne was a top Photographer who knew joy and sorrow but she found comfort through the lens of her camera.  Hope enjoyed taking walks and wherever she went she took pictures. She had started when she was nine.

She had porcelain white skin and black hair and had been teased that she looked like Snow White...

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The Award by Danielle Steel

The Award by Danielle Steel  Just before Christmas, Gaelle was biking to her friend Rebekah Feldmann’s  house to pick her up for school but just a safe distance away she saw her and her family being loaded on a truck at gun point.  It was the 1940’s when Germany occupied France...

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Tell Me How it Ends by VB Grey

Tell Me How It Ends by VB Grey front cover

England in the early 1950s must have been a pretty grey and dismal place to live. The country was still recovering from World War II, and rationing didn’t end until 1954. No wonder, then, that the 1960s were ‘swinging’ as a new sense of freedom swept the land.

In the centre of that maelstrom of colour, pop music and snazzy fashions is Delia Maxwell...

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Just a Heartbeat Away by Cara Bastone

Sebastian Dorner, an architect and a Brooklynite, had his world upended when his wife Cora was killed in a car accident. Four months later, he is at a parent-teacher conference with his four-year-old son’s pre-K teacher when Miss DeRosa, the teacher, gently breaks it to him that he has been neglecting Matty.

Seb is devastated, horrified and ashamed to realize M...

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The Good Fight by Danielle Steel

The Good Fight by Danielle Steel, This story starts in the 1940’s and Hitler’s rein of terror.  Meredith was turning six soon and she remembered the day her father(Robert) went to do his part in the war against Hitler.  She remembers her mother(Janet) crying and her grandparents were there, how proud her grampa (Bill)was of his son...

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Friends Forever by Danielle Steel

Friends Forever by Danielle Steel,  “Theirs is a heart wrenching, ultimately triumphant story that spans decades, weaves together a vivid casts of characters, and captures the challenges we face in life—sometimes, if we’re lucky,  with a friend forever by our side.

This is a story about five friends forever they include Gabby, Billy, Izzie, Sean and Andy...

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Coming Out by Danielle Steel

Coming Out  by Danielle Steel  The mother of twins got the invitation for the girls to be a part of Coming Out which is the right of young ladies of the age eighteen.  In the old days it was the mark of maturity and they were then looking for a mate.  This is the tale of Virginia and Veronica in Coming Out.

Olympia was running around getting lunch for her young so...

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Blue by Danielle Steel

Blue by Danielle Steel  Ginny Carter was traveling from Luena to Malanje in Angola.  She had been there on a SOS Human Rights assignment.  She spent any where from 2 months until 3 months on any assignment occasionally longer. She went in as part of a team that was there to ascertain if human right were being violated or questioned...

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Clashing Hearts by Nicky James

Easton Campbell loves the farm and the land he grew up on. There is no place else he wants to live, but the farm isn’t doing well, and Easton fears it will just be a matter a time before he loses his home. However, if Easton is forced to sell, it won’t be to Lachlan Montgomery and his big city ideas and money...

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A Perfect Live by Danielle Steel

Congressman Patrick Olden, a good friend of Blaise, was scheduled to speak in one of the auditorium’s at UCLA it was estimated that there would be over two thousand students there.  After his speach his first question was from a young man and it pertained to gun control...

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The Right Time a Novel by Danielle Steel

The Right Time  a Novel by Danielle Steel,   Alexandra Cortez Winslow had long black hair, creamy skin and large green eyes which she kept squeezed shut as her parents argued.  It was that way after her mother got bored and she wanted to leave.  When she left they never knew when she was coming home again...

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Anna a Novel by Laura Guthrie

About The Book

ANNA  a Novel by Laura Guthrie.  Every cloud has a silver lining… doesn’t it? Anna is thirteen years old, lives in London with her father, and has Asperger’s syndrome.  When her father dies, she moves to Scotland to live with her estranged, reclusive mother...

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The Apartment A Novel By Danielle Steel

The Apartment  a Novel by Danielle Steel.  Claire Kelly, Abby Williams, and five years later, Morgan Shelby, Sasha Hartman, join them and became sister’s in an apartment loft in Hell’s Kitchen.  Claire is a shoe designer, Abby is a writer, Morgan is in finance, Sasha is a Doctor and Valentina is a headliner supermodel and drops by to see her identical twin, Sasha.

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Second Chance A Novel By Danielle Steel

Second Chance  a Novel by Danielle Steel.

Fiona Monaghan was content with her life as editor-in-chief of a leading fashion magazine in New York.  That was until John Anderson came into her life.  He was a widower with two daughters.  John was intrigued by Fiona...

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The Mistress A Novel By Danielle Steel

The Mistress  A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Natasha Leonova was discovered on the streets of Moscow, freezing, by a Russian billionaire by the name Vladimir Stanislas.  She lived under his protection for seven years immersed in luxury.  He had nursed her back to health. 

The yacht Princess Marina was anchored at Antibes in the Mediterranean...

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Safe Harbour A Novel By Danielle Steel

Safe Harbour  A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Pip Mackenzie at the age of eleven had been touched with a terrible tragedy that sent her mother into inconsolable grief.  She meets someone who turns her gray world into light and color.  Matt Bowles sees her innocence and his kindness, a spark is kindled, lives changed, and a journey of hope begins...

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Undercover A Novel By Danielle Steel

Undercover  A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Marshall Everett  (aka Pablo Echeverria) Pablo came out of the hut where he and Paloma lived.  They were having their first child.  Pablo worked for her brother Raul Vasquez Lopez.  Raul was a powerful man in Columbia.  Pablo was Raul’s right hand.  Raul approved Pablo and Paloma getting together...

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Turning Point A Novel By Danielle Steel

Turning Point  A Novel By Danielle Steel  Bill Browning, Stephanie Lawrence, Wendy Jones and Tom Wylie, all Doctors at different Hospitals in San Francisco, come together for a trip to their sister city in France.  This trip was a real honor for all of them to share ideas.Turning Point

Bill Browning worked at San Francisco General, he was always busy with gangs who would try to...

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Vanished A Novel By Danielle Steel

Vanished  A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Charles Delauney moved slowly up the steps to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.  He had forgotten how cold it was in New York at Christmas time.  He still dreamed of Marielle.  She was only eighteen when they met.  She was beautiful and full of mischief and he just had to have her...

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Family Ties A Novel By Danielle Steel

Family Ties  A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Annie Ferguson was speaking to her sister Jane Marshall when Jane said Bill was waiting for her at the plane that they would use to fly home.  Annie said to watch the weather and told her good-bye.  Annie had a big project to work on for a client at her first job as an architect...

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A Good Woman A Novel By Danielle Steel

A Good Woman  A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Annabelle Worthington sat quietly reading in the library of her parents  home on the morning of April 14, 1912.  Everything looked in order, it was a lovely spring day and the gardeners had planted beautiful flowers for the return of her parents and older brother...

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Fairytale A Novel By Danielle Steel

Fairytale A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Joy Lammenais loved this time of year it was March in the Napa Valley and the hill’s were a lovely emerald green.  Christophe had brought her here when she was taking her masters in  business and he was taking oenology which is about making wine and viticulture was about planting and growing the grapes...

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Legacy A Novel By Danielle Steel

Legacy A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Brigitte Nicholson worked at Boston University in admissions, she looked out the window and it had been snowing since the night before, and she was vetting, meticulously the applications.  She was happy in her relationship with Ted Weiss even though they only got together weekends...

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SPY A Novel By Danielle Steel

SPY A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Alexandra Wickham an eighteen year old was presented to King George V and Queen Mary. Her dress was made of white lace and satin and came from Paris.  She was a delicate blond which made her a stunning beauty, destined for a life of privilege.  War played out a life for her.

Alex made her way to the London First Aid Nursing Yeomanry as...

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The Sins of the Mother A Novel By Danielle Steel

The Sins of the Mother A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Olivia Grayson sat in on the board meeting and listened intently her blue eyes took in everything.  She was sharp and quick and saw everything going in the presentation and the members of the board.  Peter Williams, their legal counselor, was also at the meeting...

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In His Father’s Footsteps A Novel By Danielle Steel

In His Father’s Footsteps A Novel By Danielle Steel.

U.S. troops on the 8 of April 1945 received a shortwave transmitter message in Morse code in Russian and English, “To the Allies. To the army of General Patton. This is the Buchenwald concentration camp. SOS. We request help. They want to evacuate us.  The SS wants to destroy us...

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Sister’s A Novel By Danielle Steel

Sister’s A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Candy is the youngest sister of four.  Next comes Annie who is the third sister. Second is Tammy.  And first is Sabrina. Candy, a model from the age of seventeen and now is 21 years old.  Annie is an artist and now is 26 years old.  Tammy is a producer of “Doctors” and is now 29 years old...

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Against All Odds A Novel By Danielle Steel

Against All Odds A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Kate Madison’s resale shop in stylish SoHo supported her family of four kids since the untimely death of her husband.  The kids are grown up now and ready to live their own lives.  Kate realized that you can’t play against all odds.  Kate discusses her family issues with her mother and a good friend Liam or is he more the...

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Silent Night A Novel by Danielle Steel

Silent Night A Novel by Danielle Steel.

A scene plays out from a Hit TV Series Called ‘The Clan’ a child yell’s at her father and runs through some trees.  A woman yells “Perfect”.  The child comes running back grinning  from ear to ear.

“Good job, Em.” Emma’s mother, Paige Watts tells her...

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Property Of A Noblewoman A Novel By Danielle Steel

Property of a Noblewoman  A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Hal Baker felt it was a good day to stay indoors there was a bitter wind and the snowfall had turned to sleet.  He was in charge of safe deposit boxes.He had three matters to deal with today. The smaller boxes had not been paid for thirteen months. He had sent out registered letters for each box.

‘ The lapse of pa...

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First Sight A Novel By Danielle Steel

First Sight A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Timmie O’Neill, with an instinct for trends she was totally fearless and innate genius, labor intensive and business acumen.  Timmie O’s renowned line she built internationally consumed her life.

“Yet as blessed as she feels, Timmie harbors the private wounds of a devastating childhood and tragedy.  Always willing to take risk...

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Honor Thyself A Novel By Danielle Steel

Honor Thyself  A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Carole Barber turned from her desk to see a quiet, sunny November morning she saw the garden, she was at her Bel-Air home.  She and her late husband Sean had discussed doing a movie together but time had slipped away.  She had been a major star since eighteen years of age.

She had a number of causes that kept her busy now t...

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The Duchess A Novel By Danielle Steel

The Duchess A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Phillip, Duke of Westerfield, lived in Belgrave Castle which had been built by the Latham family.  He had two sons by his first wife who died when the boys were only four and seven.  The Duke at seventy-four had for a number of years schooled his son, Tristan to manage Belgrave Castle.  Tristan had two daughters...

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The Long Road Home a Novel by Danielle Steel

The Long Road Home a Story by Danielle Steel,

A clock was ticking in the hall and Gabriella Harrison burrowed into the closet till she was behind all the coats, her mother would have a hard time to find her there.  Her mother walked by a few times but she didn’t stop to open it till finally she stopped and opened the door...

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Secrets A Novel By Danielle Steel

Secrets A Story By Danielle Steel,

The characters are  Sabina Quarles, Bill Warwick, Jane Adams, Gabrielle Smith, Zachary Taylor and they all have secrets.  Sabina was born Mary Elizabeth Ralston.  She changes her name after her parents have past.  She starts off as Virginia Harlowe and does a few modeling jobs since God had endowed her well...

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The Prodigal Son a Novel by Danielle Steel

The Prodigal Son A Story by Danielle Steel

Peter McDowell loses everything in a matter of days in the stock market. He lost his livelihood and his marriage.  All he has left is a lakeside cottage he inherited when his parents died. They left a modest estate to his twin brother Michael, who was a devoted father and a small-town doctor.  He was Dr...

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Fine Things A Novel by Danielle Steel

Fine Things A Novel by Danielle Steel,

An up and coming young executive at Wolff’s, he is sent to San Francisco to open a new department store location.  His high speed live made him uncomfortable and he didn’t realize what was missing in his life until he met Jane O’Reilly and her mother, Liz made him realize what was missing in his fast paced life.

Bernie and Liz m...

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