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Danielle Steel



Changes by Danielle Steel;  Dr. Peter Hallam heard the page again but, he didn’t stop.  They had a donor heart for Sally and his team was waiting.  When he arrived at the nurses station he quietly asked if Sally Block was on her way up.  The nurse looked up and seemed to snap to attention.  “Yes, Doctor.”  The doctor asked if she had been ready.  The nurse knew what he was asking and it wasn’t about needles and medication.  He knew if they were not ready mentally they would be fighting a losing battle.

Changes by Danielle Steel; Dr. Hallam went in and spoke to Sally briefly before the sodium pentothal took affect.  He had spent weeks explaining the whole surgery too her.  Now it was up to him to snatch her from deaths hold on her.  Heart transplants always drained him after he was finished.  He had time for a coffee before fulfilling his promise to her.  Peter went into her room and sat down in the chair beside her bed and waited for her to wake up.

Changes by Danielle Steel; Two days later he was in Sally’s room and she finally woke up.  She told him that her heart was rejecting.  He said “your doing fine.”  When he came back a few hours later he realized that she was right, she was rejecting.  It upset him.  Back in his small office space at the hospital he called his office to check in.  He asked if they needed him in the office which they said it was fine but, he did have a message from Melanie Adams.

Changes by Danielle Steel; Melanie Adams was waiting to go on the news with her child-abuse case.  She was known nationally but it wasn’t always like this.   After doing the piece she was headed to her office to remove some makeup when the story editor stopped her.  He had her take a look at a video about a nine year old child who they thought needed a heart transplant.

Changes; She finally agreed to take it on and as she walked to her office with her head and walked into a familiar voice.  The voice was Grant Buckley and they were good friends even though they got teased about them having a relationship.  They both laughed at the at the teasing they got.

Danielle Steel, Changes by Danielle Steel; With a little flashback. At nineteen Melanie got pregnant and her husband went to Mexico and divorced her.  When he came back he announced to her they they were divorced.  Mel as most of her family and friends called her was devastated.  To her surprise she had twin girls. Her parents helped for a while but she kept working different jobs till finally she worked as a receptionist for the television network.  From there she started typing the news as it came in to her desk.  From there she went to giving the news.

Changes by Danielle Steel; Melanie was given the name of Dr. Peter Hallam by the research team and immediately called him and left a message.  He called her back  shortly after and she described Pattie Lou Jones’s heart condition. And also explained that he would not be paid for the surgery.  She asked if they would be able to tape the surgery to which he immediately said “no.” But he did agree to be interviewed after it was over.  He wanted her at his hospital as soon as possible.

Changes by Danielle Steel; Melanie went to visit the Jones’s and told them the good news.  They immediately accepted the offer of the surgery.  She explained the details of her involvement.  The Jones’s could only manage air fare and lodging for one adult and a child.  Mr. Jones said he would stay at home and allow his wife to go with her.

Changes by Danielle Steel; Dr. Hallam ran a battery of test and told them that he didn’t think she needed a heart transplant.  He explained that he felt he could repair her heart.  After his discussion with them he offered to take Mel to her hotel.  They had a long talk and he offered to take her to his home for a swim in the pool.

Changes by Danielle Steel; Peter claimed that his daughter would be able to supply her with a swim suit.  Introductions were made to all of his children.  The youngest Matthew, took to her immediately.  Pam well, Mel felt like giving her a hug.  Mark well, he was a mature young man for a seventeen year old. After dinner, Peter offered to take her back to her hotel even though she had wanted to take a taxi.

Changes by Danielle Steel; On the trip to the hotel, they covered many topics. When they reached the hotel neither one wanted to finish talking. Mel wasn’t sure if he would kiss her but, she really hoped he would. Was this the start of a romance? She wasn’t sure but long distance romances were difficult.  He told her he could take her to the airport the following night.

Changes by Danielle Steel; The following day she went to see Pattie Lou Jones and after that she had planned to go shopping but Peter had a new patient that was waiting for a heart transplant.   So she ended up going to see how Marie Dupret was doing first.   She needed a donor heart transplant immediately.   After seeing Marie she did her shopping and at eight she got into a cab for the trip to New York.

Changes by Danielle Steel; Mel was waiting to get on the plane when she heard a page to pick up a call.  It was Peter calling from home and he told her they had a donor heart for Marie.  She asked if they could film it and he agreed.  She called her boss and arrange  to stay a day longer.  She called for a crew to meet her at the hospital.

Changes by Danielle Steel; Well, Melanie was having some strange feelings for Peter and so did Peter since he asked if he could call her in New York.  Will they have a romance or is marriage in their future and will their kids get along with each other?  You can get a copy at Amazon or try Cashback World they have a few book stores.  Enjoy reading Changes by Danielle Steel.  Thank you  (c) Erma Friesen 2021

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