Coming Out by Danielle Steel

Coming Out  by Danielle Steel  The mother of twins got the invitation for the girls to be a part of Coming Out which is the right of young ladies of the age eighteen.  In the old days it was the mark of maturity and they were then looking for a mate.  This is the tale of Virginia and Veronica in Coming Out.

Olympia was running around getting lunch for her young son of five years.  When she heard the mail being pushed through the slot in the door  she grabbed the mail and the doorbell went at the same time so Olympia went out to meet him at the door.

While Max eat his lunch she went through the mail.  There was one envelop that looked like a wedding invite instead it was an invitation to a ball.  It was called the Arches and it was a very elite debutante cotillion.  Olympia knew her ex-husband, Chauncey, and the girls father would expect the girls to be in it.

She had fond memories of her Coming Out Ball. The curtsy the girls did on the way through a flowered archway.  Then the first dance was a graceful  and dignified waltz with their fathers.

The day she brought up the invitation to the girls she didn’t expect the reaction that Veronica gave her.  She called it an elitist discriminatory farce.  She wanted to know if African Americans,  Jews, Hispanics or Asians would be there.  If no she wasn’t going.   Virginia on the other side wanted to know when they could go shopping.  She was all for it. Harry sided with Veronica.  It was the first time Olympia and Harry had a fight.

The next day Olympia thought she had better call Chauncey and tell him what happened.  Well, he got all upset too.  He wanted to know what kind of home she was running.  He also told her to tell Veronica that he would cut her tuition at Brown if she didn’t come out.

She spoke to Frieda about it and she gave Olympia the best advise, “Tell them all to take a hike”.  Then go get a dress for both the girl’s and tell my son to get over himself.

Well, will Veronica come out or  will she stand with her beliefs? Will Harry change his mind and join them at the event?  Will Chauncey win out with his ultimatum? Or will Max win on all fronts? Max said that the girl’s shouldn’t come out, they should stay in.  Out of the mouth’s of  small children.

Coming Out by Danielle Steel, if you would like to read the full story, you may purchase a copy at Amazon.  Thank you  (c) Erma Friesen 2020

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