Daddy by Danielle Steel

Daddy by Danielle Steel






Daddy by Danielle Steel,  Sarah Watson sat and looked out the window watching snow fall since nothing was wanting to turn into a story.  Oliver had tried to encourage her in the writing that she wanted to do.   But nothing turned into a good story.

She thought back to when Benjamin was born.  He had shocking red hair and cried constantly.  When he got a little older the crying died down which she was thankful for and Oliver got her a baby sitter after Melissa was born.  She had begged Oliver to let her have an abortion but no he wanted the baby and Melissa turned out to be a good baby.  When Benjamin was eight and Melissa six she got pregnant again.   She wanted an abortion again but he begged her not to abort the baby.  But, she kept refusing to carry the baby for nine months and she called her sister which created another big fight.  At this point Oliver finally told her to do what she wanted.  She couldn’t do it.  She refused even to look after him but, when Samuel was born they couldn’t resist  him.  He was a happy baby with dark hair and Ollie’s green eye’s and creamy skin.

At this time they moved to a town called Purchase and Ollie got Sarah a live in housekeeper. Agnes feel in love with all three children.  Ollie agreed with Sarah having her tubes tied even though he would have loved another child. Even though Sarah hadn’t wanted another child, he ended up being her passion and couldn’t get enough of him.

Agnes came to her with the mail, when she looked through it there was a letter from Harvard for her.  This was what she had been waiting for. she finally opened it.  She had to read it a couple of times.  “We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted for the master’s program at Harvard University.”  But it was only a dream. It couldn’t be true, she read it a number of times.  She couldn’t leave her family for two years just so she could go back to school.  But then, they had Agnes as well as Oliver….

They had a dinner arranged with another couple but they called and cancelled due to colds.  They decided to have dinner out just the two of them.  Every thing was fine until the end of the meal when Ollie kept asking her questions until she finally told she wanted to go to Harvard and that she had already been accepted.  Ollie asked her if she was leaving him, she said no, she promised to come home weekends and vacation.  He told her that it would never work.  She said that she hadn’t planned on telling him and the kids until after the holidays.

Daddy by Danielle Steel,  They promised each other that they wouldn’t tell the kids till after the holidays. What happens to the family as they get along without their mother?  Do they get divorced?  Or, does she come home like she had promised, to come home for weekends and vacations?  How do the kids respond to her absence?  What type of problems occur with the kids?  I hope you enjoyed the story and for the rest of it you can click on the links below and Amazon will love to sell you the book. I’ve only taken you through the first two Chapters out twenty-nine.  Thank you  (c)  Erma Friesen 2020

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