Dangerous Games by Danielle Steel

Dangerous Games  by Danielle Steel, A riveting tale of  ambition and politics, passion, corruption, and ultimate justice, brings together a cast of fascinating characters who play Dangerous Games.  These are the tales of Alix Phillips, TV News Reporter and Ben Chapman, cameraman and ex Navy Seal.

Alix and Ben came home after reporting where in Alabama there was a factory that closed and put thousands out of work. Her reports had been great as usual.  The riot police had been called in from other towns to keep the peace since there had been a lot of damage done.

It wasn’t long before they were sent to New Delhi, but Felix gave her a package to do research on the Vice President.  Alix felt that it required her to question Olympia Foster, widow of Senator Bill Foster who was killed  one day as he was about to make an announcement. When she got back from New Delhi, Alix asked for an appointment with Olympia Foster.

Tony Clark had wanted Olympia as his wife because he felt that the presidency would be his if he had her at his side.  But, he was shocked when she turned him down.

Alix and Ben had been in New York for 2 weeks when she saw a banner come across the screen women protesting in Tehran.  Women in tehran were pushed out of better paying jobs due to the old regulations an extremist sect had forced on the government. One young woman had been killed.  Alix and Ben both went home and to bed.  Felix called them at 4 am to tell them that two more women had been killed and that they were heading out at 6 am and the flight was at 9 am.  The police claimed they didn’t kill the women but someone with a cellphone taped it and the police were responsible for the killings.

While they were in Tehran Alix wanted to check with her informant to find out what he knew.  What he told her almost  knocked her onto her ass.  He said that Tony Clark had been to Tehran a number of times over the last 10 years.  He was said to have met 2 friends he had supposedly gone to Harvard with.  It was said that he got a lot of money from them through a Swiss Bank account.   He also met them in Dubai now.

When she got back to New York she had a meeting with Felix and filled him in on what she had found out.  They decided to wait for 2 weeks to see what they could find out but, the CIA came to them wanting to know what they were up to.

Well, is Tony Clark going to become president or will they catch him in time?  Or will he disappear at the last minute?  Will Olympia give him up or will she warn him?  These are all valid questions, if you want the answers go to Amazon and buy a copy of  Dangerous Games by Danielle Steel  Thank you  (c) Erma Friesen 2020

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