Elvis Puffs Out by Georgia Dunn


This just in: your favorite purr-nalists are back and reporting on all of the most pressing cat issues in this third collection of Breaking Cat News comics for middle-grade readers.

Anchor cat Lupin and his faithful field reporters, Elvis and Puck, are as cute and funny as ever in Elvis Puffs Out. There’s no shortage of news to cover this time around: In the wake of a winter snowstorm, the team tries their hand at meteorology (with mixed results). Man and Woman nurse a stranded kitten back to health. And the pessimistic, straight-laced Elvis demonstrates that even he has a soft side.

The fun continues in the “More to Explore” section, with lessons on wooden-spoon puppet theaters, the basics of reporting your own news stories, and—as always—charming paper dolls to craft.


Breaking Cat News fans rejoice! This is the second book in the series out this year. All of our favorite characters are back – Elvis, Lupin, and Puck – the intrepid cat reporters who report on all the news that is important to cats, happy Tommy – friendly cat about town and his housemate Sophie the artist who works with “found objects,” Burt the barnyard AV tech, Baba Mouse – great, great, great … grandcat, Tabitha and Sir Figaro Newton – the ceiling cats who report for Gatos de Noticias, plus someone new! Lost polydactyl kitten Beatrix joins the series.

Thrill as the Man braves the void to rescue her from the nothingness that surrounds the Big Pink House where they live. Watch as Puck reports about the dubious meal the Woman has prepared for St. Patrick’s Day – it is meat, right? Even if Puck thinks it smells like dead socks. See Lupin and Beatrix compete in the climbing event from the laundry room. Nod as the Boys learn about inclusiveness as they discover that dogs are not shapeshifters nor their “bitey enemy.” Grin as station intern Beatrix drags the boys into the 21st century social media with a BCN twitter account.

One of my personal favorite posts makes an appearance “Sunday with Sophie” in which mixed media artist Sophie is confronted with hurtful cards, denigrating her choice of materials. She gets sader with each card she reads – until she opens the last one which thanks her for her recent exhibition that celebrates change and how this made the three legged writer feel better because of his change instead of despite it.

Plus there’s so much more: An interview with Baba Mouse about her youthful romantic relationship with a local owl,  the Saga of the Golden Mouse, then tips on how to be a reporter, make spoon dolls, and more BCN paper dolls with outfit changes. Be sure to check out the new daily strips at GoComics, BCN facebook and twitter accounts and in newspapers across the country. A