Fairytale A Novel By Danielle Steel

Fairytale A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Joy Lammenais loved this time of year it was March in the Napa Valley and the hill’s were a lovely emerald green.  Christophe had brought her here when she was taking her masters in  business and he was taking oenology which is about making wine and viticulture was about planting and growing the grapes.  After the passing of his father he received a large amount of money with this he was able to purchase a vineyard winery which had been his dream.

Joy was the most exciting woman he had ever met.  She was a natural with finance on top of which she was an artist and painter.  Christophe promised to build a Chateau on the hillside and in May they moved in and she painted frescoes on the walls even thought she was pregnant.  She told Christophe when it was time to have the baby and she arrived as peacefully and gently as everything else had come about.  Joy and Christophe planned a happy time for Camille to grow up in.

When Camille was seventeen Joy discovered she had a lump in her breast and she helped her mother as much as she could.  Joy was sick from the chemo and radiation for a while.  Finally she was in remission and they could breathe again.  They were able to spend more time with the Marshall’s friends of theirs.  Barbara became sick and was waiting for surgery.  They decided not to tell their son, Phillip about until he returned from his trip.  Barbara died eight months after the diagnoses. ‘Sam and Phillip were devastated.’  Joy was forty nine when she got sick again but this time she didn’t go into remission and pasted away.  Christophe and Camille were devastated.

Christophe after a few months met Countess Maxine de Pantin and when Camille met her she had a bad feeling about her.  Her father after a year married the Countess.  A month after the marriage Christophe felt he needed to travel and see some of their clients.  The day after a plane was reported as having disappeared and it was the plane Christophe was on.  They got the news from the TV.

Fairytale A Novel By Danielle Steel  see how Maxine and Camille deal with the death of Christophe.  Maxine’s mother shows up and Camille at last has a confidant.  Maxine’s two sons also are in the picture.  Do the fangs come out in the three of them or is life a living hell for Camille. Have I made it more interesting for you?  You will enjoy Fairytale.  Erma Friesen

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