Family Ties A Novel By Danielle Steel

Family Ties  A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Annie Ferguson was speaking to her sister Jane Marshall when Jane said Bill was waiting for her at the plane that they would use to fly home.  Annie said to watch the weather and told her good-bye.  Annie had a big project to work on for a client at her first job as an architect.  After a couple of hours Annie got a phone call, she thought it was Jane but she was busy correcting a change she had made but it kept ringing so she grabbed it and said “Jane, can I call you back” but it was Magdalena the kids babysitter.  Annie kept telling her to speak English.  She finally heard ‘police call, plane catch fire.’

She grabbed her keys and ran out the door without turning out the lights.  After she had no idea how she got there but she had driven to her sisters home in Greenwich in pouring rain.   She ran into the house and the kids were watching a movie but when they hear the door they thought their parents were home instead it was Annie. Lizzie asked if it was mom and dad.  Annie nodded her head and ran up the steps and put her arms around all three of them.  They were all sobbing when she realized they were all hers now.  She had promised Jane she would look after them if anything happened to them.

The next day Annie called her new boss and told them what had happened and that she would need some time off.  She had a funeral to plan for Jane and Bill.  She decided that it was best to move into the house and commute to work for the time being.

Time went by and Annie raised her sisters children as she had promised but now she was having the empty nest syndrome.  The kids were adults now and faced challenges of their own.  She had stayed single while raising the kids but now she felt maybe there would be time for a relationship of her own.  The kids still needed her for advise but it was a difficult passage between letting go and helping.

Family Ties  A Novel By Danielle Steel  have I left you hanging? No if you want to read the rest of the story please purchase the book find out for yourself how Annie  handles the growing pains of three soon to be adults out on their own.  Thank you and enjoy!  Erma Friesen.


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