Fine Things A Novel by Danielle Steel

Fine Things A Novel by Danielle Steel,

An up and coming young executive at Wolff’s, he is sent to San Francisco to open a new department store location.  His high speed live made him uncomfortable and he didn’t realize what was missing in his life until he met Jane O’Reilly and her mother, Liz made him realize what was missing in his fast paced life.

Bernie and Liz marry then have a son they call Alexander.  For three years they live happily together until tragedy strikes when Liz is diagnosed with Cancer again and all Bernie can do is slowly watch as his wife slips away and takes with her his happiness.  He is left with 2 children to raise and a career he can not handle.  Dealing with his own grief and the children and their needs, it’s a juggling act.

The next part of the book is different than the movie indicates.  Chandler Scott, makes an appearance as Jane’s biological father.  After he gets his visitation rights as her father he proceeds to kidnap her and blackmail’s Bernie for $500,000.00  and takes her to Mexico.  Bernie highers 2 ex-cops to get her back.  He gets a call from Chandler and he decides to travel with them and they follow Chandler through Ensenada, Cabo Haro, San Vicente, Rosario, Santa Rosalia and Guaymas and on it went getting tips from here and there after a cash exchange.  Bernie has to be home for the next call so he gets a flight home.  He gets the phone call but the ransom is put up to 1 million.  Finally they find the sitter that looks after Jane when they are out and they are able to get her away from Chandler.  Money speaks louder when you have a lot of it.  They figure that is the end of it but no, Chandler comes back and takes him to court again.  This time Chandler gets legal rights to Jane but he never comes to collect her.  They watch the news and find out he is robbing the bank where he claimed he was working.  He is shot and killed robbing the bank.  The judge that gave Jane to Chandler preformed the adoption that gave her to Bernie for life.

I suggest that you get the movie and see what I left out for you to discover.  It’s a story like no other and if you get the book you can see how the book ends.  It will bring tears to your eyes.   Fine Things a Novel by Danielle Steel.

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