First Sight A Novel By Danielle Steel

First Sight A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Timmie O’Neill, with an instinct for trends she was totally fearless and innate genius, labor intensive and business acumen.  Timmie O’s renowned line she built internationally consumed her life.

“Yet as blessed as she feels, Timmie harbors the private wounds of a devastating childhood and tragedy.  Always willing to take risks in her work, she never risks her heart.” and “During  Paris Fashion Week, an intriguing Frenchman comes into her life when she gets sick.”  She didn’t tell anyone about being sick and Monday she felt better.  The rehearsal was all chaos but that was to be expected and she was glad she hadn’t gone to the hospital.  The show went smoothly Jade Chin and David Gold, her assistants took a flight to New York.

Timmie feel asleep in  all her clothes but woke up with a stabbing pain, she was in agony, Dr. Jean-Charles Vernier had been correct on his diagnosis of her appendix rupturing.  When she called  him,  he could tell she was terrified so he tried to reassure her and told her an ambulance would be on it’s way shortly.  He was at the hospital when she arrived and was rushed into an operating room immediately.  She begged him to stay with her holding her hand all the time. “I called one of the best surgeons in Paris for you,” he told her.  After the surgery when she awoke he was there holding her hand again, she thanked him and went back to sleep after he had told her that he would be back tomorrow.  The next day she was awake when he came to see her.  They talked for a while about her childhood and how she had been raise in an orphanage and her parents where killed in a car accident.

What will happen to Timmie O’Neill and Dr. Jean-Charles Vernier?  Please get the book at Amazon to find out what happens.  First Sight   A Novel By Danielle Steel.

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