Friends Forever by Danielle Steel



Friends Forever by Danielle Steel,  “Theirs is a heart wrenching, ultimately triumphant story that spans decades, weaves together a vivid casts of characters, and captures the challenges we face in life—sometimes, if we’re lucky,  with a friend forever by our side.

This is a story about five friends forever they include Gabby, Billy, Izzie, Sean and Andy.  They met in kindergarten and stayed friends until there was only two left to carry on the friendship that started so many decades ago.  They were inseparable.  The girls would go to new teachers and tell them they were sisters.  The boys would go and say they were triplets.  Some believed them others didn’t.

Billy was a big athletic young boy and was wanting to play football.  When they were at the correct age he played all kinds of games until he was old enough for football.  The rest of the fab five went to watch all his games.  Larry Norton was his father and if Billy didn’t plan a great game he would look at all his mistakes and not mention what he did well.

Larry also had a habit of drinking too much alcohol and his wife believed he was cheating on her.  One year when it was time for Thanksgiving dinner Gabby had come over to help Marilyn with the dinner and he didn’t show up until later that night and proceeded to backhand his wife Marilyn.  She decided that it was too much and told him to leave and go back where he had been or she would call the cops. Finally he left and the next morning she had called for someone to come and change all the locks, she asked for 3 keys one for each of the boys and one for herself.  She called him and told him she wanted a divorce and that she was changing the locks.  When she gave the keys to the boys she also told them not to give their father a key because they were getting a divorce.  Billy was upset but when he saw what his father had done to his mother he understood why she wanted a divorce.

Billy wasn’t the only one to experience a divorce between their parents. Izzie’s parents also told her that they were getting a divorce.  Billy and Gabby had decided to be a couple but she wasn’t the first person he turned to when he was told about the divorce.  He called Izzie because he new she had been through it and could tell him what to expect.

There is so much more to this story but, you’ll have to buy a copy if you want to find out what happens. What happens to the Big Five?  There is a big event in the story that will off set the Big Five a little?  What happens to Gabby, Billy, Izzie, Sean and Andy?  What happens to Marilyn and Larry, Connie and Mike and all the parents of the Big Five?

Friends Forever by Danielle Steel, a heart wrenching story. Thank you (c) Erma Friesen 2020


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