Fruit For Tomorrow

Fruit For Tomorrow by Francena H. Arnold

An absorbing account of a disillusioned young woman’s search for happiness in a world of broken dreams.

To Virginia Martin it seemed dreams were designed to be shattered.  And now the dream of her young life was about to prove just one more gigantic disappointment.

“It was pleasant sitting here on the cool terrace with the shade of the elm tree by the walk protecting her from the heat of the August sun.

Kurt had cut the lawn this morning and the scent of the mown grass brought a hazy memory of childhood days on Grandpa’s farm where the perfume of newly mown hay had hung over the field where she and Jim and Allie May had romped.    The soft gurgle of the water trickling from the hose that Kurt had left lying by the young tree which needed special care changed to the music of creek water trickling over stones.  The clatter of the lawn mower in the back yard where Kurt was now working became the noise of the big mower in Grandpa’s meadow.”

After all, becoming head of the English Department at a large city high school was no small honor for a teacher with only three years experience.

The opportunities were boundless.  But the blueprint of here life read differently.  Her father lay near death in a Mexican hospital…her sister Kitty crippled in a freak accident … all of which cast Virginia once again in the familiar role of nursemaid, housekeeper and family cheerleader.

For Virginia there was little to cheer about.  But that was before a young attorney named Steve Barrett happened into her life.

Fruit For Tomorrow by Francena H. Arnold is an absorbing novel of romance and intrigue, the moving account of a young woman’s search for answers among the bitter shadows of disillusionment.

I hope you have enjoyed a snippet of this story.  It can be purchased at Amazon, enjoy the full version.

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