Honor Thyself A Novel By Danielle Steel

Honor Thyself  A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Carole Barber turned from her desk to see a quiet, sunny November morning she saw the garden, she was at her Bel-Air home.  She and her late husband Sean had discussed doing a movie together but time had slipped away.  She had been a major star since eighteen years of age.

She had a number of causes that kept her busy now that Sean was gone.  Carole and Sean had discussed her writing a book before he died.  Two years after his death she still hadn’t finish her book.  She had a case of writer’s block but refused to give up.  Locked doors but who had the key to open them, no one but herself.  She said the book was not about her but the more she delved into it the more she saw that the character was very much like her.  Sean had loved her essays and short stories and he had encouraged  her to write the book.

After her time spent in thought of the past, the door behind her gentle opened and Stephanie Morrow looked in.  They discussed her going on a trip but at first Carole said no to the idea.  That night she thought some more of the idea and changed her mind.  She decided to go to Paris and on her trek down memory lane of the time she spent here with her children, her walk was a lengthy one where for she decided to take a taxi to her hotel.  They got to the tunnel and were at a stand still, no one was moving. Suddenly there was a great big bang.

Are you interested in knowing what happens?  I am.  If you wish to read the rest of the book you can buy a copy at Amazon.  Thank you for joining me in this story. Honor Thyself A Novel By Danielle Steel.  Thank you  Erma Friesen

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