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 Hop ‘Til You Drop by J.M. Griffin

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Hop ‘Til You Drop

When an Easter egg hunt becomes a crime scene, it’s up to Jules and Bun to crack the case . . .

Juliette “Jules” Bridge is devoted to rabbit rescue and rehabilitation on her beloved Fur Bridge Farm in rural New Hampshire.   But she also likes to do volunteer work wherever and whenever she can. This spring she’s offered to help hide painted eggs at the Hop ’Til You Drop Easter egg hunt.   And of course, she’s bringing along her black-and-white rabbit, Bun. In fact, he insists on it. Jules knows because Bun communicates with her telepathically . . .

But their egg hiding is disrupted by a hare-raising scene: their unpleasant supervisor, Della Meany, lies peacefully on the grass with stems of Lily of the Valley on her chest, surrounded by garishly decorated Easter eggs. Is someone sending a message by staging the corpse? As they begin to examine the crime scene, Jules spots a tall, two-legged rabbit fleeing into the woods. Perhaps late for an important date? If their prime suspect is a person in an Easter Bunny costume, it seems a safe bet the killer is a real basket case. Jules and Bun will need to put their heads together—because the hunt is on . . .

Dollycas’s Thoughts

Juliette “Jules” Bridge and her very special black and white bunny, Bun, are back just in time for Easter.  Jules has been recruited to help with the community’s Hop ’Til You Drop Easter Egg Hunt.  Bun is excited to go along to point out all the fabulous places to hide the eggs for the children to find. While on the trail hiding eggs in their assigned area Bun hops off and makes a gruesome discovery. A dead body!

The woman was in charge of the people hiding the eggs for the event. She was a cantankerous lady but who would kill her?  Leaving her lying in the grass with Lilies of the Valley on her chest.  And surrounded by some really ugly painted Easter eggs. Jules scopes out the scene and witnesses a tall two-legged rabbit running into the woods. Could someone in that rabbit costume be the murderer? Jules and Bun are on the case to find out.

Bun stole my heart in Left Fur Dead and I love him even more now. Having a pet that can communicate so clearly telepathically is a real treat. Bun is truly Jules’s partner in many aspects of her life. Sure he helps her investigate murders but he also helps on the Fur Bridge Farm. He has keen insight to not only the other rabbits but the humans as well. He is really a cool animal. I love the interactions between Bun and Jules.

Fur Bridge Farm is becoming a real hopping place with Jessica’s veterinary business on-site and  Molly offering classes in the shop. There is also a bunch of brand new bunnies taking up residence. Sheriff Carver is back too and his wife is “costing him a fortune” with all the classes she is taking. They are a happy couple though and he would do anything for her.

Sheriff Carver is around a lot because there has been another murder and he knows Jules is a great source of information. The deceased was not well-liked so there could be many suspects. With Jules and Bun already involved in the hop, they can keep their eyes and ears open to hopefully pare down the list. I became focused on someone early along with the method of murder. There were several twists but my decision didn’t waver. I still was surprised I was right when we reached the reveal.

Ms. Griffin writes such entertaining stories and Hop ‘Til You Drop is another fine addition to this fun series. Bun and Jules are characters I can’t wait to visit again

About the Author

J. M. Griffin is the bestselling cozy mystery author of sixteen novels, including the Vinnie Esposito series. She lives in rural Rhode Island with her husband and two very mysterious cats. Visit her at jm-griffin.com.

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