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Danielle Steel

IMPossible by Danielle Steel,  Sasha was the only child of Simon and Marjorie de Survey.  Simon was a daunting figure, tall, powerful build, stern features and dark eyes that could pierce to your soul.  Sasha was an interesting blend of her parents.  Her father’s dark looks and her mother’s ethereal softness.  Marjorie was an angelic-looking blonde with blue eyes , and looked like a Madonna in an Italian painting.

Sasha had delicate features like her mother, dark hair and eyes like her father.  But unlike both her parents, Sasha was fragile and small.  She had strength and iron will of her father, warmth and gentle kindness of her mother.  The directness she learned early on from her father.  She was four or five before he took serious notice of her.  Once he did, all he spoke to her about was art.

Marjorie became ill three years after Sasha was born.  Her illness was a mystery to all her doctors and she got weaker with time.  Simon had no patience with illness or weakness.  He believed it was psychosomatic.  It took a year before they got a diagnosis in London, and a confirmation in New York.  It was a rare degenerative disease that was attacking her nerves and muscle, and ultimately would cripple her lungs and heart.

Simon chose not to accept the prognosis. Marjorie was valiant about it, complaining little, doing whatever she could for as long as she was able.  Marjorie succumbed the year Sasha turned nine.  Neither of her parents had prepared Sasha for her mother’s death.  Afterwards  other than the gallery, Sasha then became the focus of Simon’s life.  The only thing that annoyed him.  He made no bones about it, was her ever increasing passion for modern and contemporary art.  He loved and respected the Great Masters, and nothing else.

The one thing Simon had never expected was the appearance of Arthur Boardman in Sasha’s life.  They married six months after they met without Simon approval but when Arthur promised him they would move to Paris. After Sasha finished all the schooling that was planned for her did he finally relent and agree to the marriage. Within a year, their son Xavier was born.  Two years later Tatianna came along.  Sasha has a busy lifestyle until sorrow hits her, deaths of two members of her family.

IMPossible by Danielle Steel  is a wonderful story you may find hard to put down.  Amazon carries a lot of Danielle Steel books.  I’m sure you’ll find it there.  Enjoy! Thank you  (c)  Erma Friesen 2020.

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