Legacy A Novel By Danielle Steel

Legacy A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Brigitte Nicholson worked at Boston University in admissions, she looked out the window and it had been snowing since the night before, and she was vetting, meticulously the applications.  She was happy in her relationship with Ted Weiss even though they only got together weekends.  Her best friend Amy Lewis came in and reminded her is was Valentine’s Day.  “I guess we forgot” Brigitte said to her.  That evening she had a call from Ted inviting her to dinner and he said that he was going to tell her about a surprise.  At dinner she kept silent tell she couldn’t stand it any long.  Finally he told her about going to Egypt and having his own dig and he was leaving in three weeks.  She was stunned.

Brigitte decided to visit her mother in New York.  Marguerite had wanted her to do research for their family history.  After they talked she decided to help her mother in her quest to research their family history.  The Mormons had photographed everything and their Salt Lake City Library would hold all the secrets that the past had to give them.  So off Brigitte went to research her family history.  She went to an earlier generation and found two brothers named Tristan and Jean de Margerac.  The death of Tristan was listed but Jeans wasn’t, there was also a date of death for Marquise de Margerac who was Tristans wife but she was also listed as Wachiwi.  She asked the Librarian what kind of name that was.  The name was North American Sioux she said it meant dancer.  They found a picture of her and the Librarian said it looked a lot like Brigitte.  She went back to New York and told her mother what she had found out.

The story is a long and very interesting.  Does she travel to France in order to find out Wachiwi’s story?  I hope your interest is wanting to find out more about this Sioux who becomes  a Marquise. Legacy A Novel By Danielle Steel  You may find a copy at Amazon.  Thank you and enjoy.  Erma Friesen

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