Matters of the Heart by Danielle Steel



Matters of the Heart by Danielle Steel   Hope Dunne was a top Photographer who knew joy and sorrow but she found comfort through the lens of her camera.  Hope enjoyed taking walks and wherever she went she took pictures. She had started when she was nine.

She had porcelain white skin and black hair and had been teased that she looked like Snow White.   She normally wore black so that she could blend into the background.  It was easy for her to get into small places.  I guess you could say she was elfin size.  Her eyes were a deep violet.  They were deep dark blue with a touch of purple color of fine sapphires from Ceylon or Burma.  Her eyes had been filled with compassion that had seen the sorrow of the world.  When she got into her apartment there were pictures of a teenage ballerina in motion and not in color. They were part of her own personal collection.

Her agent, Mark Webber, called and wanted to know which time zone she was in.  He asked her if she would be interested in a portrait gig.  A well known publishing house needed a portrait for the back of the new book he was about to hand in and the schedule was tight.  The author was Finn O’Neill who lived in Ireland but had a flat in London which is were he was at this time.  Hope said that she would rather do it in Ireland but because it was a tight schedule it was out of the question.  She asked Mark for an assistant to help with the shoot.  They were sending her to London first class.  When he asked her how long she wanted to be there she said four days should be enough time.

Maybe a visit with Paul while she was there if he was available.  Mark asked her softly how he was doing?  She told him that he seemed to be about the same. An experimental medication from Harvard seem to be working.  She told him about her ex-husband.

When Hope met with her subject, Finn O’Neill was lively and entertaining.  They did the shoot and Hope knew she got a number of good shot.  He took her down and they had lunch and he asked her out for dinner.  She asked him about his background.  He told her about raising his son and how his wife died.  His son Michael was going to school at MIT and expected to get a great job some day.  He called her when she got home to New York and she was surprised to hear from him.  He also sent emails and then showed up at her door. She had told him about her ex-husband and his Parkinson’s which she told him was the reason for their divorce. But she allowed him to come up to her apartment.  He was amazed by the pictures on the walls and said they looked like her.  Hope told him about her daughter, Camille who had died of meningitis.

Hope and Finn end up in a relationship which went great for the first nine months or so.  He talked her into getting pregnant and three months later she had a miscarriage.   But from here you will have to buy the book to find out what happens.  It says that it is also a thriller.  What Hope goes through could be called a thriller.

Matters of the Heart by Danielle Steel  you will find this book in either Amazon or any Thrift story.  Be sure to have some tissues at hand because it can break you heart.  Thank you  (c)  Erma Friesen 2020

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