Mixed Blessings by Danielle Steel

Mixed Blessings by Danielle Steel


Mixed Blessings by Danielle Steel,  three couples are looking for children.  Diana Goode comes out of the limousine looking like a beautiful bride.  She is in a competition with her sisters even though they don’t realize it.  She always felt that she had to do better than her sisters.  Her sisters had gone to take training and quit after they got married. Gayle was happy being a Doctor’s wife and mother of three girls.  She didn’t need a career to fulfill her.  Diana being the middle girl wanted a career and a family.

Sam was like her older sister Diana, but she found it hard to do.  Sam still worked part-time, but she was competitive and ambitious.  She admitted she couldn’t handle working and looking after the children full-time.  And Diana had the competitive nature and ambition that her younger sister had.

Diana met Andy Douglas at a  media party and it was love at first sight.   They got engaged a year and a half after they met.  They got married eight months later. Before they married, Andy and Diana went house hunting and found one they loved at the Pacific Palisades.  It was well loved and well looked after by a large family where their children had grown up and left home.

Charles Winwood, was married to Barbie Mason but they had nothing in common.  Barbie was a party girl and Charles wanted to stay at home and fill their home with children. Charles had to re-think his values as he discovered he was sterile.  Barbie comes home and tells Charles she is pregnant.  He then knows she cheated on him but after some reflection he decided to forgive and he was willing to raise the child as his own. He took too long to make his decision and she went and had an abortion.  She left him and gave him a divorce.  Charles had also found out the single fathers could adopt.  He did meet a young woman with a daughter named Annie.

Pilar Graham and Brad Coleman were both lawyers and Brad went on and became a Judge.  Pilar didn’t want any children.  She was surprised when Brad asked her out but he kept asking until she agreed.  Brad’s children didn’t like her at first but slowly they got use to her.  Brad’s daughter went through school and after college she married Tommie and soon after she found herself pregnant.  This made Pilar re-think her take on pregnancy and marriage. Brad had asked her to marry him but she keep say ‘no’.  They got married and after the wedding she decided to try getting pregnant.  She got rather upset when she kept getting a negative answer so she thought of going to a specialist.

Mixed Blessing by Danielle Steel.  These are the couples that look for their mixed blessings either by adoption or through pregnancy.  You will be surprised at some of the results.  Look for Danielle Steel’s  “Mixed Blessings”. thru Amazon or your used book store. Thank you  (c) Erma Friesen 2020

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