No Clean Clothes, by Robert Munsch, Read Aloud by Michael Martchenko

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No Clean Clothes, By Robert Munsch, Read Aloud by Michael Martchenko

This story is about a little girl named Lacey, that hides her dirty clothes.  But, one day she is all out of clean clothes.  She runs to her mother and asked why she hadn’t washed her clothes.  Can you guess what her mother said?  Yes, she said that her room was so messy that she couldn’t tell where the dirty clothes were because she always hide them.  The little girl said but now I don’t have any clean clothes to wear.  Her mother said why don’t you wear the shirt from Grandma.  The little girl made a face and told her mother it was an awful shirt and she always gave awful shirts.  Her mother promised to bring her a clean shirt at recess time.  She went you won’t talk on the phone for hours?  No. You won’t to shopping? No.  You won’t go to work cutting down trees? No.

Well, the little girl had to wear a Grandma t-shirt.  Well,  first she met a kitten who read her shirt and licked her on the ear giving her a kitty kiss.  She met a dog who also read her t-shirt and licked her on the ear giving her a doggy kiss.  Next she met an Eagle that flue around her then also read her t-shirt and gave her a peck on the nose.  Next she met a moose who also read her t-shirt and gave her a moose kiss up the side of her face.  She had reached the school and ran in to her teacher and told her the story.  The teach said nice but you better go and wash your face  because you have a dirty face and hair.  When she came back to class she sat down and a boy gave her a kiss on the cheek.  She went running into the wash room to wash that boy kiss away.  Well, next she ran into a bear and he also gave her a kiss.  Then she was happy again.  She called her grandmother and asked her to bring a grandma t-shirt to all the kids in her class.

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