Not My Will (But Thine Be Done) Luke 22:42

I’ll start with a set of books, the first being ‘Not My Will,'(But Thine Be Done) written by Francena Arnold.  Her books may be purchased at Amazon.  Francena has written somewhere between 7 to 9 books. They are Christian based.  My favorite book is ‘Not My Will'(But Thine Be Done) Luke 22:42.  The next one would be ‘The

Light in My Window’ (Sequel) and  then ‘A Brother Beloved’.

Not My Will can take you to the point where your heart is breaking to the happiest ending anyone  can have.  It starts off with Alex and Jean Stewart watching there baby Eleanor trying to reach for a toy.  It goes on to talk about the accident of Alex and Jean that did not survive and baby Eleanor was left with her maidenly aunt to raise her.  As she grew up and learnt about her aunt’s willpower she learned to get around her aunt. Eleanor in University. This aunt had died recently and had given her a fortune on the condition that she not marry until the age of 25. But, she had fallen in love with a young man, named Chad.

They secretly married not telling anyone about their marriage.  He asked her why she didn’t want anyone to know about their marriage.  Finally she breaks down and tells him the reason why she didn’t want anyone to know.  She wanted the money from the estate because they could do a lot with it.  She knew he was a Christian and felt that they should tell everyone but she try’s to convince him otherwise.  He decided to go for a walk and wanted to pray about this situation.  A few hours went by and he didn’t come home but finally she got a visit from the police.  He had been hit by a driver and had died.  She was devastated.  She went to the funeral but stayed in the background.  She was so devastated that she could not complete her classes.  Finally she left all of it behind her so no one knew she was pregnant.  She got a call from her aunt’s lawyer and was given a letter where her aunt tells her that if she really loves the man in question then she could have the money anyway.   She try’s to contact his family……………..

Well, if you want to read the story in full, you can learn if she is forgiven by his family, and does she find her baby so purchase one at Amazon called ‘Not My Will’ (But Thine Be Done) Luke 22:42.

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