Palomino by Danielle Steel


Palomino by Danielle Steel, Samantha Taylor, known as Sam, is set to become the Creative Director of the firm she works for when Harvey Maxwell retires.  One day when she comes home she finds her husband, John; packing his clothes in a suitcase and he tells her he’s leaving her for his co-host on the network he works at.  She asks him why now and she begs him not to leave but he finally admins that his co-host is pregnant and he has always wanted a baby and since she can’t give him one…

She goes into a deep depression and since she is valuable to the firm they insist she take a vacation of approximately 6 months.  Charlie is the artist of the company and he’s the one to tell her about the vacation she’s to take.  At first she thinks they are firing her but he tell’s her that is not true.  He suggests that she go visit her friend with the ranch and spend some time out there.  She finally agrees and calls her friend who was the aunt of her best friend in school that died 2 weeks after graduation, Aunt Caroline or Caro as she is often called.  She makes her travel plans and goes to see Harvey before she leaves.  She ask’s him if it’s true she’ll have a job to come back too.  He tells her yes and also tells her she needs to come back because he wants to retire after she comes back.

Everyone works on a ranch and Sam was no different.  Her first full day started at four thirty in the morning.  She went out looking for cattle.  The men were surprised when she worked a full day with them but, boy oh boy was she sore.  She didn’t tell anyone except Josh….he had to help her to the house.  After working with the men for a few weeks she ended up going with Tate Jordan.  She had an affair with him but finally he left the Lord Ranch thinking she would go back to New York but she kept looking for him at different ranches.

She got called back to work to fix the mess.  In a few weeks she had an advertisement going for the client which they loved.  It required shooting the adv at ranches so she called Caroline but Bill King her foreman had just had a heart attack so she suggested some of the other Ranches.  On their last shooting she was shown a thoroughbred and when they offered her a chance to ride him, she couldn’t resist riding a thoroughbred.  As everyone watched they came to a small ravine and the horse threw her and they rushed over to her.  They didn’t want to pick her up so they called the police to send a helicopter with a doctor or nurse or paramedic.

At the hospital Charlie told them he was her brother.  He didn’t care, he wanted the best for her.  As next of kin he was able to tell the doctor to operate when the situation called for a decision.  The doctor came back after the surgery to tell him it went well but, she would never walk again.


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