Quarter Miles by Devney Perry

“I’m in love with him… I don’t think I’ve ever admitted that out loud.”

I read this sweet, heart-warming friends-to-lovers romance in one sitting and I’ve been loving every book in this series so far! This is part of a series of interconnected standalones and I highly recommend starting at the beginning and working your way through the series because these are all wonderful reads and favorites.

Katherine Gates has been in love with Cash Greer since the moment he saved her life from a runaway goat. According to Cash, she’s the little sister he never had, the greatest roommate in the world and his favorite coworker. They’re friends—best friends.

In the dark days of her youth, it was her friendships that kept her alive and made life in a junkyard worth living. So she’s learned to shove her feelings for Cash down deep, even if that means ignoring eyes that shine brighter than the Montana summer sun and the smile that illuminates the snowiest winter day.

Except with every passing year, the denial takes its toll on her wounded heart until one day Katherine decides to take an impulsive road trip to the Oregon coast. Alone. That is, until Cash cons his way into the passenger seat.

The farther they travel, the harder it is to pretend. And when she confesses her feelings, she learns that Cash has some secrets of his own. Secrets that will either bond them together.

Or rip them apart.

The heroine of this story had had a really heart-breaking childhood that had left her so hurt that she’d never really opened up to anyone since. She put her heart and soul into her work because she cared about it but her work also brought her face to face with the man who’d become her best friend over many years. They lived together and although she’d secretly been crushing on him for a long time, their relationship had only ever been purely platonic…

“It had broken my heart knowing [the] man I loved for years would only ever see me as Kat, his unofficial sister.”

She needed a vacation and although disconnecting from her work was hard, it was a much needed and very well-deserved break… and a breather from the man she not only lived with, but who’d never seen her as more than a friend… or so she thought. He invited himself to her road trip and as they spent day after day together with nothing to do but talk to each other and open up in ways they’d never done before, it brought them closer and closer together forcing them to admit feelings they’d kept under wraps for so many years.

“You’re in love with him.”
“I’m in love with him,” I whispered… “I don’t think I’ve ever admitted that out loud.”

This was a fast-paced read I’ve been loving each book in this series so I already cared for these characters and was so happy to see them finally find the love they both deserved. And I’m already looking forward to the next book!

Series of interconnected standalones. One car. One cross-country road trip.
Five stories about six runaways finally finding home.