Remembrance by Danielle Steel


Remembrance by Danielle Steel,  Serena di San Tibaldo is on her way to Italy. Her eyes “looked like icy cold green pools of very fine emeralds, incredibly beautiful, but with very little warmth.” The doors of her soul were closed.  As she traveled on the train her thoughts took her to the last time she saw her grandmother.  Her grandmother sent Serena to America to live in a convent in New York.  She was only twelve at the time.

She arrived in Venice and it felt like she had come home.  She told the gondolier her grandmothers address.  When they arrived at the house there was no one home, it looked abandoned, shutters were falling off.  Other gondoliers said she had passed and the house was sold.  She got back into the gondolier and asked him to take her to a church.   There she met a priest and asked him for La Principessa Alicia di San Tibaldo.  After searching his records he found her.  She had been buried in the garden and had died of natural causes.  She realized that she would not be back. The gondolier asked where she wanted to go and she said Rome.

When Serena got to Rome she asked a taxi to take her to the gardens where she walked around until all of a sudden she found herself going in a certain direction.  She arrived at the house and stood there for a while when all of a sudden she saw a woman watching her.  The woman started to run to her with a shriek and a wail until she was right in front of her.  It took a few minutes before Serena realized who it was, it was her grandmothers old servant, Marcella.  They spoke for a while and Marcella refused to let her go to a hotel.

She stayed in the servants floor since the house had been sold to people that rented it out to the Americans a few days later she met the Major.  Once the Major Bradford Fullerton met her he could not get her out of his mind. They send time together and fell in love.  The only problem was the Brad was engaged to a women in New York.  A few days later he was notified that she was coming to Rome from New York.  He planned to break the engagement when Pattie Atherton got there.  Which he did but Brad told her the name of the girl he was in love with and that she worked as a maid at the house where they live.  Pattie swore revenge when she found out who Serena was.

Brad was sent back to Paris where he became a lieutenant colonel, a step up from Major.  Brad finally talked her into marrying him so he got the paperwork taken care and he sent for her.  The day she arrived was the day of their wedding.  They celebrated by going out and he bought her a new wardrobe of clothes.  They were able to spend Christmas together.  They were in Paris for a couple of months and they was sent back to the states.  They spent a wonderful time on a cruise ship to got to the states.  She told him on the ship that she was pregnant.  She wanted a boy and he wanted a girl.

Serena knew that Brad’s mother hated her so she wasn’t looking forward to their visit in New York nor for the wedding they were to attend.  The wedding of Brad’s brother Greg and Pattie Atherton.   Margaret Fullerton had to make trouble before the wedding.  She got Serena to sign a document whereby she would get nothing if Brad were to die which he did a few years after their daughter was born and she was pregnant again.

Remembrance A Novel by Danielle Steel is a book that had me in tears a number of times.  If your anything like a lot others then you will be in tears yourself.  The book ends where Serena’s daughters find each other again after being separated very young.  You will have to read the book in order to get all the details I’ve left out. Enjoy!!

Thank you  (c)  Erma Friesen 2020

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