Fool In Love: Hot Holiday Hookup by Danielle Allen


Fool In Love
An April Fool’s Day Hot Holiday Novella

When a shy workaholic wants to date, what is she supposed to do?
According to my cousin, the only solution is to sign up for an exclusive dating event on April 1st.
I was nervous.
I was awkward.
I was unprepared.
I didn’t know what to expect on April Fool’s Day. But the last thing I expected was to become a fool in love.Round two of unused holidays brings us to April Fool’s Day. Honestly, I’ve never read a romance story set on this date but the shoes on the cover and how much I enjoyed “Slow News Day” clinched it. I was going to read this.

Kenya is a quiet person who seems to get exhausted from socializing with new people. But her cousin has talked her into signing up for this dating event and even though Monica has had to duck out due to work, Kenya is there. Wearing a hot dress and sexy shoes (I want a pair!), she talks herself into and out of staying multiple times before finally going in.

The speed dating section is as bad as Kenya feared it would be. Some men are hopeless, some are obvious losers, and some just eye her up. Then suddenly a familiar face is headed her way and the night looks a bit better. Malik was her date to prom and catching up with him feels like relaxation instead of work. She knows him well enough that she catches his sense of humor as well as his sincerity.

When my laughter died down, he cocked his head to the side. “How are you feeling?”

I grinned. “I’m good.”

“Yes, you are.” He paused for just a moment, his gaze falling to my lips. “I keep waiting for you to tell me you’re running a drug ring, or you scam men for money,” he said nonchalantly.

I cracked up all over again. “What?” I screeched. “Why do you keep saying ridiculous things like that?”

“I like seeing a smile on your face. And I like making you laugh.”

Over dinner they talk and things get serious. Or maybe hot and daring is the description I’m looking for. Luckily Kenya knows somewhere they can go to be alone. Some explosive sex later and the two realize they need to exit the public bathroom before they get caught. But given the holiday, I knew Something had to happen and when it did, it cut. It hurt. The fact that they had known each other in the past helped me understand Kenya’s decision but I’m glad the story ended on a HF-Right this Very-N. B-