The Trouble with Trolls (An Enchanted Fairy Tale) by Sarina Dorie


Magic. Mystery. Twisted Fairy Tales to Delight!

Move over Beauty and the Beast—Make room for Beauty and the Troll.

In this fractured fairy tale, a wicked and selfish king accidentally marries a big beautiful troll. Their child is a troll changeling who becomes the king’s pet warrior, filling the role of monster the king needs to destroy his enemies.

Unfortunately for King Hathgar, his troll son escapes. Worse yet, upon his return, Harry the Troll, experiences a sudden malfunction in his ability to remain a troll and becomes cursed with the body of a human. How is Hathgar ever going to get rid of his newest wife, abundance of daughters, and take over the neighboring kingdom if his secret weapon stops eating people?

When Harry meets a beautiful fairy godmother who doesn’t put up with monstrous manners or trollish eating habits, he discovers that he prefers being gentle rather than acting as a monster. With the help of dancing princesses and mythological creatures, he comes up with a plan to defeat the king’s diabolical plots.


I was a bit late looking for Halloween stories this year – not that there are all that many of them – but when I saw “trolls” and “trouble” I thought, “Why not?” So here we are.

Though this is a novella, it’s got a troll, a fairy, and a half troll/half human along with a stepmother who loses her shoes and has twelve daughters who like to dance and whose shoes are always worn. Plus a vain Prince who isn’t charming at all. There is a troll child who is treated badly which might upset people.

There is humor, there is a smart fairy, there is a mistreated son, there is love, there is a reckoning for someone who desperately needs it, and there are blackberry pies. I enjoyed the whimsy, the cross pollination of different fairy tales, and that we have a smart heroine who takes no guff but who is wise and willing to let her hero reveal his true nature. It’s short and sweet but I liked it.