Safe Harbour A Novel By Danielle Steel

Safe Harbour  A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Pip Mackenzie at the age of eleven had been touched with a terrible tragedy that sent her mother into inconsolable grief.  She meets someone who turns her gray world into light and color.  Matt Bowles sees her innocence and his kindness, a spark is kindled, lives changed, and a journey of hope begins.  He felt that there was a magical quality about her.  She reminded him of his daughter.

Matt works his magic, slowly mother and daughter begin the healing journey, to rediscover what they lost.  Sadly they have to leave the beach for the city, Pip, back to school and Ophelie begins a volunteer job with an outreach program.   Ophelie and Matt’s friendship deepen’s but fate strikes again.  Matt has to confront business from his past.  Days later Ophelie finds out about a stunning betrayal by a trusted friend and her husband which resulted in a son.

But then a unexpected gift comes out of the darkness.  His son Robert comes to   find him and he is stunned by his ex-wifes deception that kept him from his children.  Matt, Robert, Vanessa, Ophelie and Pip spend Christmas and New Years at Tahoe.  The girl’s love each other to the point Pip sleeps in Vanessa’s room.

Ophelie working in her outreach program experiences the one thing that Matt had been terrified of, and that is a shooting where she is injured.  She wasn’t expected to live but she made it through, after a surgery of at least 7 hours.  When she awakens she tell’s Matt he was right and he asks her to marry him at Pip’s insistence.

When Ophelie comes home she gets a phone call from the woman who betrayed her.  Andrea told her she had cancer and was soon to die.  She asked her if she would take and raise Willie.  After some discussion she agreed to take him.

Safe Harbour   A Novel By Danielle Steel  is a story of love, joy, sadness, reunion, death and about families.  I hope you enjoyed this story enough to buy this book.  This was a great story to read and I’m sure  you will enjoy what was left out (if you buy the book) of the telling.  Thank you (c)  Erma Friesen 2020

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