Second Chance A Novel By Danielle Steel

Second Chance  a Novel by Danielle Steel.

Fiona Monaghan was content with her life as editor-in-chief of a leading fashion magazine in New York.  That was until John Anderson came into her life.  He was a widower with two daughters.  John was intrigued by Fiona.  “Chic” was the magazine that she ran and John ran the ad agency that Fiona had hired to run their advertising.

Fiona returned some calls before Adrian Wicks arrived in her office.  He was her right arm and together they made a excellent team.  Shortly after she had an appointment with John Anderson.  By the end of the meeting John didn’t want to leave, he had enjoyed talking to Fiona.  She was precise in what she wanted and as the saying goes “a woman to be admired and feared.”

Fiona had to go to Paris for the couture shows and at the last minute she invited John to the shows.  Fiona got to Paris before John but then she had work to do before hand.  The first show was in a train station.  The music was really loud like hundreds of drums.  The first thing they saw were men dressed as Masai warriors came out of nowhere.  Next two tigers and snow leopard walked with handlers through the crowd.  An elephant with a rhinestone-covered saddle and two handlers came next.  John wondered if the animals would panic. The clothes came next and each model came with two Masai warriors escorting them.  The bride was the last model and she was lifted up to sit in the saddle, behind the handler.

There were parties and shows that they attended. But they were more sedate then the first show.  Each show ended with a brides gown.  John told Fiona that one brides gown would look great on her but she laughed it off.  She told him the cost of the gown would equal the cost of a small cottage.

Fiona and John had an attraction between them.  Fiona had decided a long time ago that she never wanted to marry anyone.  Her father had left her mother when she was only three years old and her mother had tried two other marriages but with one husband he had molested Fiona and due to her experiences she never wanted children.  She didn’t trust anyone but some close friends.  She was beginning to trust John, and on a vacation with him, Fiona finally agreed to marry him.  A few weeks later they were married.

John always felt that his daughters would love Fiona.  The truth was far from it.  Hilary and Courtenay hated her and they hadn’t even met her.  Their feelings were being fostered by the housekeeper.   The housekeeper felt John wasn’t honoring his deceased wife after two years.

Not knowing what to do John decided he wanted a divorce after only being married to Fiona for a few months.  This upset Fiona so severely she left her job as editor-in-chief and recommended Adrian Wicks as her replacement.  She moves to Paris to write a book.

Second Chance  A Novel By Danielle Steel continues as she writes her book.  What kind of second chance does Fiona get?  Well, you’ll have to buy the book to find out.  I hope you have enjoyed the story so far.  Thank you

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