Secrets A Novel By Danielle Steel

Secrets A Story By Danielle Steel,

The characters are  Sabina Quarles, Bill Warwick, Jane Adams, Gabrielle Smith, Zachary Taylor and they all have secrets.  Sabina was born Mary Elizabeth Ralston.  She changes her name after her parents have past.  She starts off as Virginia Harlowe and does a few modeling jobs since God had endowed her well.  She was sent on a job that has escaped her memory that was no longer convenient to remember, but that was the day Virginia died and Sabina Quarles was born with a figure to die for.

Sabina receives a call from Mel Wechslers office and a lunch invitation is offered .  He is known for hits on TV which she hates but decides to go anyway because she wants to see him again.  When they meet he asks her to read a script called Manhattan and tells her that there is a part that suits her beautifully.   He finally talks her into just reading the script and asks her to call him after she reads it.

Bill Warwick gets a call from his agent who tells him to go see Mel Wechsler at his office.  When he gets there Mel asks him if he is married and he say ‘no’.  He asks him if hes ever done drugs and he says ‘no’.   After a few more questions he says good bye and leaves with Mel’s promise to call his agent if they decide he would fit the part in Manhattan.

Jane Adams gets a call from her agent who says he has heard Mel Wechsler is looking for some actors.

Mel gives Gabrielle a call and asks her to come in for a talk.

Zach meets Mel for a meal and they talk about his past and whither he would like to join the cast of Manhattan.

Secrets A Story by Danielle Steel is full of secrets some risky and risque descriptions.  This is a great story you can buy it at Amazon.  I’ve left you hanging with the hope you’ll go and buy it.   Erma Friesen

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