SPY A Novel By Danielle Steel

SPY A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Alexandra Wickham an eighteen year old was presented to King George V and Queen Mary. Her dress was made of white lace and satin and came from Paris.  She was a delicate blond which made her a stunning beauty, destined for a life of privilege.  War played out a life for her.

Alex made her way to the London First Aid Nursing Yeomanry as a volunteer.  What she didn’t know was that others knew about her knowledge of German and French.  She was called in and asked questions about how and where she learned how to speak these languages.

Shortly after she was notified of her brothers death.  Willie had died protecting his country.  She was allowed to go home and be with her parents and her only brother she had left Geoff.  Now her father’s estate would go to Geoff.  If he died then it would go to her.  The only problem was that Geoff had never been trained by her father to look after the estate.

On her way back to London she met Richard Montgomery.  When she got back to London, she was sent for training and was told not to tell anyone about what she was doing.  Then she was sent on her first mission as a SPY.  A few months later she had dinner with her brother.  Richard was finding it hard to stay away from her but he invited her for dinner.  She found that Richard was a good dinner companion.   A while later she got the call that Geoff was gone.  She made the trip home again and found her parents had aged a lot.  She didn’t know if she should stay at home but decided to…….

SPY A Novel By Danielle Steel  if you would like to know more about her missions as a SPY you may purchase the book at Amazon.  Enjoy……  Thank you  Erma Friesen

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