Straight Down A Crooked Lane

‘Straight Down A Crooked Lane’ another book by Francena Arnold.

Mary Jo Hallett  who is seventeen is asked at the last minute to be a bridesmaid, for an old friend, that she  had a spat with a couple of

years ago.  When she gets to the rehearsal she meets a friend who was Twenty years old by the name of Jack Freeman.  They spend time together when they are not needed for the wedding.  After the wedding Jack goes back to the base.  They write letters back and forth and after a few letters he ask’s  her to marry him.  He comes back for a couple of weeks where his mother, (Chris) pay’s for the flight home.  He made his case in front of her father who immediately rejected his request with a flat ‘No’ and they turned and walked out of the room.  But the argument wasn’t over.  Jack was stubborn and they started in on her parents the following evening.  After Mr. Hallett started again.  “Stop, Daddy!”  she said interrupting him.  I have something to say.  We are doing it this way because I wanted you to be happy with us. “But you won’t. So Jack and I are going to be married anyway.  You’d better give your consent. If you don’t, you’ll wish you had.”

“Mr. Hallett gazed at her in bewilderment.  Not since she was six years old had she so defied him.”  Her mother comes over and hugs her and says “we’ll consent”.  The wedding was a small affair with a bowl of white flowers.  Jack had purchased Chris’s car so they took off in it and had a honeymoon on their way to the base where Jack was stationed.

Take a look at “Straight Down A Crooked Lane”  and see where it takes Mary Jo and Jack.  You’ll enjoy the journey with all it’s high’s and low’s…………….

Thank you,  Erma Friesen


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