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I’m So Embarrassed!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 Video  No comments

I’m So Embarrassed!  This story  is written by Robert Munsch and narrated by Michael Martchenko.

This story is about a little boy who’s name is Andrew, and is constantly embarrassed by his mother.  I’m sure we adults know what that’s like.  He finally agrees to go shopping in the mall because he really needs a pair of shoes.  Well, when they arrive at the mall his mother is astonished to see that his hair was uncombed.  So she spits into her hands and tried to pat his hair down.  Now he is embarrassed and yell’s at his mother.  Then he see’s his aunt in the mall.  He begs his mother not to talk to her because he know’s that she is a kissy kind of person.  His aunt gives him a big hug and kisses with lipstick all over his face. “Sphlurt”,”Scrunch”...

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