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Three Shall Be One

Thursday, May 30, 2019 Christian  No comments

“Three-Shall-Be-One” by Francena Arnold is a story of love, quarreling, mystery and God’s hand bringing them together again.  Chetwolde and Patricia thought husbands and wives quit loving each other then started to quarrel.  They never doubted each other’s love but ugly bickering could arise between.

The first few years had been wonderful and they were really happy.  Scarcity of money, had always been a problem in spite of hard work and then the arrival of the babies one year apart.

Then Tony’s mother, arrived unexpectedly.  Linda could not believe the change in her lighthearted, boyish–a husband, dad and a regular fellow.  When Tony’s mother, left for a time, argument’s erupted over small matters.  Where did they go wrong?  His mother came home again after a few weeks vacation...

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