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The Prodigal Son a Novel by Danielle Steel

Friday, October 25, 2019 Novel  No comments

The Prodigal Son A Story by Danielle Steel

Peter McDowell loses everything in a matter of days in the stock market. He lost his livelihood and his marriage.  All he has left is a lakeside cottage he inherited when his parents died. They left a modest estate to his twin brother Michael, who was a devoted father and a small-town doctor.  He was Dr. Mike to his communities that he served.  Peter is the only one who knows how Michael manipulated their parents,  driving Peter away.

Peter decides to live, for a while, at the cottage and fixes it up to eventually sell the property. He finds that the memories are good and bad but still, wants to invite his son’s Ryan and Ben to see the cottage. Michael is surprised that the prodigal son has returned...

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