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The Light In My Window

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 Christian  No comments

Now this is a book that stands on it’s own but also lead’s you from the character’s of ‘Not My Will’.  I call The Light In My Window,  a sequel.  This book starts you off with Hope Thompson.  A young girl not sure of herself went to a agency looking for a job.  Having had a very bad experience at her last job she didn’t want to deal with men.  She was finally sent to Sherman Street where they needed a cook.  When she arrived and saw the deprived homes, wondered what she was getting into.  Then she saw Henderson Institute, with ah she rang the bell.  There she met little Chad who took her to see his mother who was suffering from what we would call a migraine.  There she met Eleanor King (Stewart), and Billy.  Later on she met Dr. Phil King

She participated in all the activities s...

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