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Blue by Danielle Steel

Monday, July 27, 2020 FictionNovel  No comments

Blue by Danielle Steel  Ginny Carter was traveling from Luena to Malanje in Angola.  She had been there on a SOS Human Rights assignment.  She spent any where from 2 months until 3 months on any assignment occasionally longer. She went in as part of a team that was there to ascertain if human right were being violated or questioned.  They were also there to supply food, water, medicine and shelter.  She had been doing these assignments for 3 and a half years.  She was arriving home on December the 22nd after a 27 hours traveling.

Ginny had wanted to be back on assignment already but now she had to spend the holidays at home.  No matter how hard the work or rugged the conditions the better she liked it.  She was tired and worn out when she arrived in New York...

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