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Remembrance by Danielle Steel

Monday, September 14, 2020 FictionNovel  No comments

Remembrance by Danielle Steel,  Serena di San Tibaldo is on her way to Italy. Her eyes “looked like icy cold green pools of very fine emeralds, incredibly beautiful, but with very little warmth.” The doors of her soul were closed.  As she traveled on the train her thoughts took her to the last time she saw her grandmother.  Her grandmother sent Serena to America to live in a convent in New York.  She was only twelve at the time.

She arrived in Venice and it felt like she had come home.  She told the gondolier her grandmothers address.  When they arrived at the house there was no one home, it looked abandoned, shutters were falling off.  Other gondoliers said she had passed and the house was sold.  She got back into the gondolier and asked him to take her to a church...

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Palomino by Danielle Steel

Thursday, September 10, 2020 FictionNovel  No comments

Palomino by Danielle Steel, Samantha Taylor, known as Sam, is set to become the Creative Director of the firm she works for when Harvey Maxwell retires.  One day when she comes home she finds her husband, John; packing his clothes in a suitcase and he tells her he’s leaving her for his co-host on the network he works at.  She asks him why now and she begs him not to leave but he finally admins that his co-host is pregnant and he has always wanted a baby and since she can’t give him one…

She goes into a deep depression and since she is valuable to the firm they insist she take a vacation of approximately 6 months.  Charlie is the artist of the company and he’s the one to tell her about the vacation she’s to take...

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Matters of the Heart by Danielle Steel

Tuesday, September 1, 2020 ThrillerFictionNovel  No comments

Matters of the Heart by Danielle Steel   Hope Dunne was a top Photographer who knew joy and sorrow but she found comfort through the lens of her camera.  Hope enjoyed taking walks and wherever she went she took pictures. She had started when she was nine.

She had porcelain white skin and black hair and had been teased that she looked like Snow White.   She normally wore black so that she could blend into the background.  It was easy for her to get into small places.  I guess you could say she was elfin size.  Her eyes were a deep violet.  They were deep dark blue with a touch of purple color of fine sapphires from Ceylon or Burma.  Her eyes had been filled with compassion that had seen the sorrow of the world...

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The Award by Danielle Steel

Saturday, August 29, 2020 FictionNovel  No comments

The Award by Danielle Steel  Just before Christmas, Gaelle was biking to her friend Rebekah Feldmann’s  house to pick her up for school but just a safe distance away she saw her and her family being loaded on a truck at gun point.  It was the 1940’s when Germany occupied France.  Gaelle’s father had told her to stay away from the soldiers and he had given her identification so that if she was stopped they could see she was Catholic.  All the Jews were being sent to detention camps.

Gaelle found out one day where Rebekah could possibly be held so the next day she took her bike and it took 2 hours to get there.  She saw one of Rebekah’s brothers and he went to his sister to tell her she was there...

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The Good Fight by Danielle Steel

Thursday, September 10, 2020 FictionNovel  No comments

The Good Fight by Danielle Steel, This story starts in the 1940’s and Hitler’s rein of terror.  Meredith was turning six soon and she remembered the day her father(Robert) went to do his part in the war against Hitler.  She remembers her mother(Janet) crying and her grandparents were there, how proud her grampa (Bill)was of his son.  After he left, her grampa took her for a walk and asked her if she understood why her father had to go to Washington. He explained to her that they wanted to bring Hitler to justice for his crimes against humanity. Even at six years of age he believed she would understand what he was talking about.

A few years after, Robert’s appointment took him and his family to Nuremburg where he and a number of others prosecuted war criminals...

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Friends Forever by Danielle Steel

Friday, August 14, 2020 FictionNovel  No comments

Friends Forever by Danielle Steel,  “Theirs is a heart wrenching, ultimately triumphant story that spans decades, weaves together a vivid casts of characters, and captures the challenges we face in life—sometimes, if we’re lucky,  with a friend forever by our side.

This is a story about five friends forever they include Gabby, Billy, Izzie, Sean and Andy.  They met in kindergarten and stayed friends until there was only two left to carry on the friendship that started so many decades ago.  They were inseparable.  The girls would go to new teachers and tell them they were sisters.  The boys would go and say they were triplets.  Some believed them others didn’t.

Billy was a big athletic young boy and was wanting to play football...

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Dangerous Games by Danielle Steel

Friday, July 31, 2020 MysteryFiction  No comments

Dangerous Games  by Danielle Steel, A riveting tale of  ambition and politics, passion, corruption, and ultimate justice, brings together a cast of fascinating characters who play Dangerous Games.  These are the tales of Alix Phillips, TV News Reporter and Ben Chapman, cameraman and ex Navy Seal.

Alix and Ben came home after reporting where in Alabama there was a factory that closed and put thousands out of work. Her reports had been great as usual.  The riot police had been called in from other towns to keep the peace since there had been a lot of damage done.

It wasn’t long before they were sent to New Delhi, but Felix gave her a package to do research on the Vice President...

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The Cast by Danielle Steel

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 FictionNovel  No comments

The Cast  by Danielle Steel,  Kait Whittier ignored the christmas party going on in the other room outside her office.  She wanted her column in, “Ask Kait”,  before she left. When she first started there they called her piece the “agony column” but when they realized the following she was getting plus she got her master’s in psychology at NYU they saw that they had a goldmine with her column.

Kait had a lot to do before two of her children and grandchildren came for the holidays, even thou they didn’t stay long, it was good to see them.  Her first stop was to buy a tree, some branches and a wreath.  She walked the rest of the way to her apartment and got ready for the tree to arrive...

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Coming Out by Danielle Steel

Saturday, August 1, 2020 FictionNovel  No comments

Coming Out  by Danielle Steel  The mother of twins got the invitation for the girls to be a part of Coming Out which is the right of young ladies of the age eighteen.  In the old days it was the mark of maturity and they were then looking for a mate.  This is the tale of Virginia and Veronica in Coming Out.

Olympia was running around getting lunch for her young son of five years.  When she heard the mail being pushed through the slot in the door  she grabbed the mail and the doorbell went at the same time so Olympia went out to meet him at the door.

While Max eat his lunch she went through the mail.  There was one envelop that looked like a wedding invite instead it was an invitation to a ball.  It was called the Arches and it was a very elite debutante cotillion...

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The Dark Side by Danielle Steel

Tuesday, July 28, 2020 ThrillerFiction  No comments

The Dark Side  by Danielle Steel  Zoe and Rose Morgan were a perfect complement as sisters.  Zoe had dark, shining, straight hair, Rose on the other hand had curly, halo of white-blond hair which sat as a cap on her head. Zoe always was shy, Rose was an irresistible child.  Rose was three when she was diagnosed with leukemia.  Zoe asked her mother what that was and she tried to explain it to her.  Zoe saw something else in her eyes, fear.  Rose would go to hospital with her mother and Zoe stayed with her dad.

Rose was in the hospital a lot the first year.  She slept a lot and then Rose had a bone marrow transplant from her mother and she got well again. Her hair came back a little darker then it use to be...

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