Interview: Eloísa Díaz

Interview Historical Thriller
Spanish crime fiction author Eloisa Diaz

On 24 March 1976, three generals overthrew the government of Argentina and began ruling the country as a military dictatorship, waging the Dirty War against their political opponents. Thousands disappeared – trade unionists, university students, members of left-wing political parties – and were tortured and killed by right-wing death squads...

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Repentance by Eloísa Díaz

Thriller Fiction
Repentance by Eloisa Diaz front cover

Repentance by Eloísa Díaz’s riveting new political thriller, takes place during two tumultuous periods in Argentina’s history. The present-day of the story is December 2001, when riots in Buenos Aires and elsewhere will lead to the resignation of the country’s president...

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