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Silent Night A Novel by Danielle Steel

Thursday, January 16, 2020 Novel  No comments

Silent Night A Novel by Danielle Steel.

A scene plays out from a Hit TV Series Called ‘The Clan’ a child yell’s at her father and runs through some trees.  A woman yells “Perfect”.  The child comes running back grinning  from ear to ear.

“Good job, Em.” Emma’s mother, Paige Watts tells her. When Emma had become a child actress she had a tutor on the set, who was a license teacher.  Her teacher was waiting for her in the trailer.  Emma had a drama coach, speech coach, voice coach and dance lessons. She took ballet, hip-hop, tap and had an amazing singing voice.

Emma had been offered a part on Broadway and her mother was weighing the pros an cons on the way home when they were hit by an on coming truck.

When the police arrived on the scene Paige Watts was killed on impact and Emma was o...

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