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Fairytale A Novel By Danielle Steel

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 Novel  No comments

Fairytale A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Joy Lammenais loved this time of year it was March in the Napa Valley and the hill’s were a lovely emerald green.  Christophe had brought her here when she was taking her masters in  business and he was taking oenology which is about making wine and viticulture was about planting and growing the grapes.  After the passing of his father he received a large amount of money with this he was able to purchase a vineyard winery which had been his dream.

Joy was the most exciting woman he had ever met.  She was a natural with finance on top of which she was an artist and painter.  Christophe promised to build a Chateau on the hillside and in May they moved in and she painted frescoes on the walls even thought she was pregnant...

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