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Straight Down A Crooked Lane

Thursday, July 11, 2019 Christian  No comments

‘Straight Down A Crooked Lane’ another book by Francena Arnold.

Mary Jo Hallett  who is seventeen is asked at the last minute to be a bridesmaid, for an old friend, that she  had a spat with a couple of

years ago.  When she gets to the rehearsal she meets a friend who was Twenty years old by the name of Jack Freeman.  They spend time together when they are not needed for the wedding.  After the wedding Jack goes back to the base.  They write letters back and forth and after a few letters he ask’s  her to marry him.  He comes back for a couple of weeks where his mother, (Chris) pay’s for the flight home.  He made his case in front of her father who immediately rejected his request with a flat ‘No’ and they turned and walked out of the room.  But the argument wasn’t over...

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